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Publish & Tell Your Story with Us


Restore yourself, revive your faith amidst the drama of the world through the healing power of sharing your testimony.​ Submit your story to be published in our collaborative Book of Testimonies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and guide the intellectuals who refuse to be lost in the midst of general spirituality, activism, and materialistic pursuits, to recommit to life of hope and purpose through Faith.

We both know, it is not an easy journey.


As one of those intellectuals myself, I understand the struggle of being spiritual but not religious, believing but not practicing, and caught between control and surrender, self-doubt and self-empowerment, sovereignty and codependency.

Through my own journey to God, I discovered that God is not an abstraction, a vague set of general wisdoms, a crutch for hard times, or a reward for good behavior. 

But first, like many others, I had to detox from the worldwide message that promotes self-reliance and self-obsession. While pursuing our ambitions may seem like the path to success, we eventually reach our personal limitations. Our pride and insistence on being right can hinder our connection with a higher authority, and we may feel trapped all alone and disconnected within.

But in letting go of control and relaxing into being ourselves, we open ourselves up to healing and a higher power. It may seem daunting to let go of our identity as skeptical intellectuals, but through Jesus, we can find peace and happiness that can’t be outsmarted.

If you have a personal journey to God that you’re willing to share, we invite you to join our non-commercial, non-profit collaboration. Our book of testimonies and conference are for those who have God, who is Jesus, in their lives, and who have been rescued, healed, and led by Him. Share your story and inspire others to strengthen their faith through your testimony.

As a beginner on this path, I acknowledge the courage it takes to openly talk about faith among intellectual entrepreneurs. But if even one life can be positively affected through our willingness to share, it is worth it. Together, we can support each other in our journey with Jesus, making mistakes, trying to understand, but always growing in our faith.

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Call for community leaders, share your wisdom as a successful leader, expert, entrepreneur, let us promote your businesssocial enterprise or a non-profit and publish your blog article here.

Practical Details

Our vision is to publish books that contain 3-10 testimonies, each of which will serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for those who are seeking to find their own path to enlightenment.


Our Submission Dates: May 10, 2023, August 10, 2023, November 10, 2023, February 10, 2024.

We will be offering these books as free PDF downloads, as well as publishing them on Amazon Kindle. With time, as we gather more and more testimonies, we hope to eventually produce hardcover editions of our publications.

We invite you to share your own story, a testament to your personal journey to God. We ask for a submission of approximately 1000 words, sent as PDF or a Word file via our Submission Form.


You can also become our FEATURED AUTHOR and publish your blog article with us here.


In addition to your testimony or an article, we welcome a brief 100-200-word biography with links to your website or social media accounts and a photograph of yourself.

As a participant in our project, you will be invited to join a panel of like-minded individuals, with whom you can share your testimony and discuss your revelations.

These panel discussions will be broadcast via Zoom and livestreamed in our dedicated group. We aim to produce these panels every month or so, with individual interviews of our featured guests to follow. Our goal is to produce videos that are 30-60 minutes in length.

We encourage you to invite at least 20 of your friends to watch your panel live, and to participate in the discussions. You can find a link to our group here. Feel free to join and introduce yourself. 

Our project is one of love, and we are not seeking to make any profits from it. However, we welcome any support you can provide in the form of sponsorships or donations to help cover our marketing and publishing expenses. Please reach out to us if you are interested in helping us in this way.

Panel Discussions

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