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Work in Christ: Unveiling the Divine Guidance and Fulfillment in Your Professional Journey

It is my privilege to introduce you to an extraordinary panel discussion at the upcoming Heal Through Faith Conference. Titled "Work in Christ," this panel brings together two incredible women whose stories of triumph and guidance in their work will inspire and uplift your spirit.



First, we have the honor of hearing from a remarkable woman who has not only overcome health challenges but has also risen to the top of the podcasting world with her show on faith and business. She has experienced firsthand the transformative power of faith in her journey, and through her work, she has touched the lives of countless individuals seeking to integrate their spiritual beliefs into their professional lives. Her story is a testament to the unwavering guidance and grace of God, and her insights will undoubtedly inspire you to find purpose and fulfillment in your own work.

We will have the privilege of hearing from the host of this incredible project, the Heal Through Faith Conference. Guided by the Holy Spirit and divine inspiration, she embarked on a mission to create a platform that stands apart from the noise and chaos of the current transformational industry. Instead, she sought a path filled with God, a path that glorifies Him and aligns with His teachings. Through her own journey, she discovered the true meaning of work in Christ, finding fulfillment, purpose, and divine guidance every step of the way. Her insights and experiences will provide you with a fresh perspective on navigating the world of business and entrepreneurship through the lens of faith.

Together, these women will illuminate the transformative power of faith in the realm of work. They will share their struggles, victories, and the divine interventions that shaped their paths. Through their stories, you will gain practical wisdom, spiritual insights, and inspiration to navigate your own journey of integrating faith into your work and embracing a purpose-driven approach.

I invite you to join us at the Heal Through Faith Conference and be a part of this profound panel discussion. Hear from these extraordinary women, learn from their experiences, and discover how you too can find divine guidance, purpose, and fulfillment in your work. Together, let us forge a new path—one where faith and business are intricately intertwined, where success is measured not just by worldly standards but by the impact we have on others and the glory we bring to God.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to be inspired, empowered, and equipped to walk the path of work in Christ. Register now for the Heal Through Faith Conference and join us on this transformative journey. Your faith and your work matter, and together, we can create a world where both thrive in harmony.

May God's blessings guide you as you embark on this extraordinary adventure of faith and work.


Our Panelists

Kelley Tyan

She's a wife, mother of 2, an author, speaker, podcaster, and overcomer of many things, one, being breast cancer. Both her book and podcast is called Addicted To The Climb.

She has transformed thousands of women over the years in mind, body, and soul, and she is ready to show you exactly how she has done it all through her membership and coaching. Kelley's mission has always been to reach and transform one woman a day.

She has realized and knows for sure that there is only one thing you can count on in this life: there will always be another mountain to climb. It is how you decide to take the first step. Learn more here.


Lira Kay

Lira Kay is an award-winning coach and publisher, known for her innovative and effective approach to therapy, high performance, and transformational work.

She has worked with numerous celebrities and CEOs, helping them take their work to the next level.

Lira is also the founder of the School of Inspired Life, a publishing house and professional skills training center specializing in advanced coaching methods and business coaching for seasoned experts, leaders, artists, therapists, and educators.

Learn more here.


Kelley's Story

As far back as I can remember, I have always been addicted to the climb.

It all started after college, when I signed up with a network marketing company, to try in my free time. I learned all about commitment, consistently showing up, goal setting, and in order to elevate in the company, it was up to me! Nothing made me more excited than reaching a new level and getting a new title so I climbed that ladder real fast. Although working for that company taught me so much about business and connection to a tribe, I knew I wanted more.

Through my searching, and love of fitness, I decided to open my own business, naming it Kelley’s Bootcamp for Women. As excited as I was to open the doors, 2 months before launch date, I got the call from the doctor, “you have cancer.”

Here I was, about to lead women in health and fitness, and then there I was, with breast cancer. How could this happen to me? Why me? Right then, I was faced with a life changing decision: to keep climbing and open the doors, or to allow the negativity and the spiral of emotions to take me down.


The wave of emotions and the cancer itself, was trying to beat me down, but I decided not to let it. I had women to lead and they were counting on me to show up, and that is exactly what I did.

My class started with 12 women, then grew monthly from there. As I mentioned, I loved to climb the ladder and my mission was to transform thousands of women in my community in mind and body. In order to reach the amount of people I wanted to, I had to go out and find them and show them that if I can wake up early (4:30 am), and go through my treatment, nothing should stop them. I wanted to be an example and prove that strength comes from having faith and not giving in to the lies that were creeping up inside my head.

As my business grew, proper nutrition and self care became super important to me so I took a year to get certified to be an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach and started coaching women one on one as well as in groups through the many courses I created.

My next climb came at 38 years old. I decided to enter a fitness competition...

which I knew nothing about, nor did I know anyone that ever did one. I trained hard, with discipline and tenacity. I won that first show and competed in 3 more shows nationally. I won all 4 titles and to this day, it is still surreal. Competing taught me more about hard work, commitment, discipline, goal setting, and that giving up was not an option. I believe that once you commit to something, you must finish the journey no matter what roadblocks try to get in the way, because they always try to.

Business was booming after that with photo shoots, magazine articles, radio interviews, and speaking, until the next phone call came in...

My healthy and fit dad was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer and would need a stem cell transplant and be in isolation for 1 year. My mother, who had rheumatoid arthritis since I was born, was in no shape to care for him. I would need to step in and that is what I did, giving as much time and help as possible.

3 weeks into my dad’s recovery, my life came to a full STOP. My precious mother passed suddenly from an aneurism. I felt pain like I have never felt before. It gripped me to my core, but as the days and weeks passed by, I had to pull myself out of the deep dark hole I dug. I had a business to run and a family to serve. My decision was to start climbing back upward because I was all the way at the bottom. IT WAS HARD.

I know you have also gone through some difficult times, the toughest trials, failures, and setbacks. These things do not define you, nor can they make you feel defeated, unless you let them.

Losing my mother was one of the absolute most devastating thing to happen to me, but also gave me a new strength to lead and help others to get back up and face their most terrifying fears.

Addicted To The Climb was born from everything I have been through and I hope you make a decision to always stay on the climb with me. Through my book, courses, membership, and podcast, the goal is to reach as many women as I can, with a strong message that faith can move mountains, and God will make a way, when there seems to be no way.

This all starts with a small belief, a true support team, and the willingness to take one action step forward each day. There is only 1 thing you can count on in this life: there’s always going to be another mountain to climb, it is how you decide to take the first step.

God created you on purpose, for a purpose. Taking a step forward might seem scary at first, but doing it together is how you will succeed!

Learn more and connect with Kelley here.

And Kelley's latest free resource:


Lira's Story

As I woke up in the cold morning of Soviet Russia, 8 years old, I knew that one day, I would travel the world and be a spiritual teacher. But as I shared my dreams with my teacher and peers, they all laughed and told me it was just a silly phase. However, I held onto my aspirations, believing in magic and miracles, having faith in my future.

Years later, at the age of 25, I found myself living in a different country, traveling, and teaching.

God had answered my prayers, and I was overjoyed. When I became pregnant with my second daughter, I prayed once again, "God, let me serve you, give me work to do." And the same week, I received a phone call with a job offer, followed by finding a studio where I could do art and having an art agent selling my work.

It was a miracle, and God had answered my prayers quickly and faithfully.

But then, tragedy struck. My first husband died suddenly, leaving me a widow with three young children. I felt lost and alone, not knowing how to move on. I prayed for help, and once again, God answered my prayers in a miraculous way. He sent me my second husband, who adopted my kids and changed my life. I knew then that God knew what was best for me, and He always delivered.

Years went by, and I traveled and lived in many countries, doing fulfilling work. But in the middle of a pandemic, I found myself feeling burnt out and lost. My previous motivators, fame, success, and money, no longer made sense to me.

I was in the midst of a mid-life crisis, and I cried out to God for help. "Please, God, show me the way. I surrender. I surrender my pride. I am listening."

And God once again answered my prayers. He brought me friends who invited me to their church, and I slowly began to feel inspired to serve, work, and do things for God, not for myself. I asked God for specific guidance, and He led me to start a publishing project with my church members, which led to starting a Heal Through Faith Conference and developing new coaching certification programs. I was no longer relying on myself, but I was working with a team, collaborating with people, and doing God's work.

I am so grateful for God's faithfulness in my life. Despite my doubts, fears, and pride, He always sees me through and loves me unconditionally. I give all the glory to God for everything good that has happened in my life.

He has forgiven me, been patient with me, and brought people and opportunities into my life that I never thought I deserved. All good things in my life are thanks to God, not my own doing. I am grateful and testify to His faithful love for us. Amen.


Our journey towards transformation is a lifelong endeavor, and Kelley and Lira have been a guiding light for countless women seeking positive change. If you've been inspired by their story and are eager to embark on your own transformational path, we invite you to join us at the upcoming Heal Through Faith Conference.

The conference will serve as a gathering of like-minded individuals, eager to share their experiences, learn from one another, and grow together. We believe that everyone has a unique story to tell, and we are extending an invitation for you to join us as a speaker or panelist, sharing your insights and wisdom with our community.

Additionally, we are excited to collaborate on the creation of the Book of Testimonies. This powerful compilation will serve as a testament to the transformative power of faith and resilience. Your story has the potential to inspire countless others who may be facing similar challenges on their own journeys.

Whether you choose to speak at the conference, participate as a panelist, or collaborate on the Book of Testimonies, your voice matters. Together, we can create a supportive and empowering community, where we uplift one another and celebrate the strength within us.

If you're ready to take the next step towards embracing transformation, we encourage you to reach out to us today. Let's join hands and empower each other through faith, resilience, and the sharing of our unique stories. Together, we can make a difference and inspire countless lives.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of something extraordinary. Join us at the Heal Through Faith Conference and let your voice be heard. Together, we will create a legacy of hope, healing, and transformation.

To learn more and reserve your spot, visit our website or contact us directly. We look forward to embarking on this remarkable journey with you.

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