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Balancing Faith and Business: Navigating Challenges and Finding Purpose in a Secular World

In a world driven by profit margins and cutthroat competition, entrepreneurs face the ongoing challenge of reconciling their faith with the demands of the business realm. The Heal Through Faith Conference is proud to present an extraordinary panel discussion that will ignite inspiration and provide practical guidance for entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the delicate balance between faith and business. Join our esteemed panelists, Lira Kay, Frankie Wilson Jr. MBA, MDiv, and Kerryn Fields, as we embark on a transformative journey toward finding purpose, maintaining ethical practices, and thriving in the intersection of faith and business.

Watch us live here:

Here are the topics we are discussing on this panel:

  1. Embracing Identity and Purpose: In the fast-paced and often impersonal world of business, it's crucial for entrepreneurs to maintain a strong sense of identity and purpose rooted in their faith. The panelists will share their experiences, insights, and practical strategies for aligning business goals with personal beliefs. Discover how embracing your unique identity and purpose can drive success and fulfillment while staying true to your faith values.

  2. Ethical Decision-Making and Values-Driven Leadership: Ethics and values serve as the compass guiding entrepreneurs through the intricate landscape of business decisions. Our panelists, with their diverse backgrounds, will delve into the art of integrating faith values into decision-making processes. Gain valuable insights into fostering a culture of integrity, ethical practices, and values-driven leadership that can inspire both employees and stakeholders.

  3. Overcoming Challenges and Cultivating Resilience: Every entrepreneurial journey is riddled with challenges, setbacks, and unforeseen obstacles. The panel discussion will explore how faith can serve as a wellspring of resilience, providing entrepreneurs with the strength to navigate turbulent times. Discover firsthand stories of overcoming adversity and learn how faith can fuel determination, perseverance, and a renewed sense of purpose on the path to success.

  4. The Transformative Power of Faith-Driven Business: Aligning business endeavors with faith not only brings personal fulfillment but also opens doors to profound impact in both personal and professional spheres. The panelists will share real-world examples and case studies showcasing how integrating faith and business goals can create positive transformations. Explore how faith-driven businesses can make a meaningful difference in the lives of employees, customers, and communities at large.


As the Heal Through Faith Conference commences, this panel discussion promises to be an illuminating and empowering event for entrepreneurs seeking to balance their faith and business aspirations. Prepare to be inspired as our esteemed panelists, Lira Kay, Frankie Wilson Jr. MBA, MDiv, and Kerryn Fields, share their expertise, experiences, and transformative insights.

Join us on May 17th, at 9 am HST, 3 pm EST, 8 pm in the UK, or watch a replay here, and be part of a conversation that will equip you to thrive in the intersection of faith and business. Discover how faith can be a powerful catalyst for success, purpose, and ethical leadership in a secular world.

Remember, the journey of balancing faith and business starts with an open mind, a willing heart, and a desire to make a positive impact. Don't miss this enlightening panel discussion at the Heal Through Faith Conference - an opportunity to gain invaluable wisdom and forge a path toward entrepreneurial success with unwavering faith.

Our panelists:

Lira Kay is a multi-disciplinary artist, highly acclaimed publisher, creative curator, healer, and mentor with over three decades of experience. As an artist and analyst, she brings a precise and forward-thinking vision to everything she does. Lira's early mystical experiences and deep study of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis with top professors and clinicians in Europe have opened up new perspectives on emotional and mental reality after trauma or significant psychological events. Her teachings on therapeutic work and high performance methodologies and systems have influenced the works and lives of many transformational mentors and leaders. Lira also produces educational trainings and certifications on healing and creativity and founded the Innovative Therapy Conference.

Learn more about Lira and her transformational coaching and her skills and business training programs here.

Mr. Frankie Wilson is an American public-figure who is best known for his work as a speaker, psychology professional, entrepreneur and award-winning, syndicated radio personality. He is guided by his personal mission to educate, create and advocate for the sake of others attaining greater success and prosperity in life.

As a budding psychology professional, Mr. Wilson contributes daily as a behavior technician, speaker and writer. Being a tenured entrepreneur has contributed to what is now a unique and transformative blend of psychology and business that has advanced him as a change agent in communities, educational organizations, municipalities and personal management. His mantra, "own your actions to create your experiences" invigorates and inspires audiences and clients around the world.

Over his varied careers, Frankie has become a valued and respected speaker who has graced local and national stages including numerous colleges, universities, summits, festivals and more! His recent TED Talks can be viewed on the website and other videos from his speaker engagements and vlogs are available on the "WATCH + LISTEN" tab of the website.

Frankie's career in media spans over two decades! His work as a syndicated radio personality has garnered a national Stellar Award, an ICON of Radio award, an International Media of the Year award, and more. He also successfully forged a multi-year partnership with the South by Southwest Music Festival as a showcase presenter and creator. He has hosted a myriad of though-leaders, politicians, and artist from across the world, earning a list of clientele that include Warner Brothers, Tyler Perry Studios, The USA Network, The Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA) and more.

Finally, The Giving Project – Dallas, serves as the expression of Mr. Wilson's philanthropic conviction to create platforms for others to learn from and/or help someone else in need. In 2017, Frankie was recognized by the City of Dallas with a nomination as Philanthropist of the Year for his work feeding nearly 1,000 people a year for 5 years in a row.

Mr. Frankie Wilson has been featured with, Black Enterprise Magazine, Insights Magazine with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Voyage Dallas, Equanimity Magazine, TPI Zone on the Christian Broadcasting Network, The Quintessential Gentleman Magazine and more. He is the current CEO of V.M. Communications, LLC. and Co-Principle of the Zoe Communications Agency, Inc. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media Communications, a Masters in Divinity and an MBA in Finance. He is certified in Applied Behavior Analysis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and is a Doctoral student for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He is a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., The Texas Association for Behavior Analysis (TxABA), Texas Psychological Association (TPA) and the North Texas area Board of Directors for the American Cancer Society.

Learn more about Frankie here.

Kerryn Fields - Is a founder of Koala Communications, helping sustainable, purpose-driven businesses to boost their credibility, visibility and traffic using the power of publicity.

Her day to day work includes project management, business communications and stakeholder relationship management to deliver the PRA’s annual business planning and budgeting rounds.

As a Public Relations consultant (Koola Communications), she creates and delivers strategic PR campaigns to create visibility and credibility for purpose-driven small businesses using the power of publicity. Find out how to work with her at

PR skills/ services include: Strategy and planning, creative brainstorming, business development, campaign management, social media, media hospitality and relations, media monitoring and evaluation, agency management, PR policies and processes, issue management and corporate communications, public speaking.


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