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Best Things Are Given Freely: From Earning Love to Witnessing Miracles

The difference between working to deserve God's love and being a witness to God's grace in your life lies in the understanding of the nature of God's love and the role of human effort in receiving it.


My dog is reminding me of unconditional love every single day!

Picture this: I used to believe that working hard and striving to be "good enough" would earn me success and fulfillment. I poured my energy into achieving goals, seeking validation, and proving my worth. But then, something incredible happened. I started experiencing significant breakthroughs and great things in my life that I couldn't solely attribute to my efforts.

It hit me like a bolt of lightning—I saw the hand of God's grace at work. Those moments of clarity, where the pieces fell into place effortlessly, were not a result of my striving, but of divine intervention. It was a humbling realization that I couldn't control everything or achieve success through sheer determination alone.

From that point on, I shifted my perspective. Instead of relying solely on my own abilities, I embraced the incredible grace that God freely offers. I learned to surrender, trusting that He would guide my path and open doors beyond what I could ever imagine.

And you know what? Amazing things started happening. Opportunities unfolded, connections were made, and obstacles were overcome in ways that surpassed my wildest dreams. It was a testament to the power of God's grace working in my life.

Let me share another beautiful story that demonstrates the power of unconditional love—the story of my new furry friend. I never considered myself a dog person, but fate had different plans. One day, I welcomed a delightful pup into my life, and everything changed. The joy and love this dog brings me is beyond words. His unwavering loyalty and affection have completely converted me.

In this newfound companionship, I discovered a profound lesson.

Just as my furry friend offers me unconditional love, so does God. His love knows no bounds, and it reaches us in unexpected ways. Through this four-legged companion, I experienced a glimpse of the unconditional love and grace that God bestows upon us each day.

So, my friends, let's acknowledge the times when great things happen beyond our own capabilities. Let's recognize the hand of God's grace at work, leading us on an extraordinary journey. Embracing His grace doesn't diminish our hard work—it enhances it, empowering us to reach new heights and make a lasting impact.


Working to deserve God's love implies the belief that one must earn or merit God's love through their actions, deeds, or religious observances. It suggests a mindset of striving to meet certain standards or requirements in order to gain God's favor. This perspective can lead to a sense of burden, anxiety, and an endless pursuit of perfection, as one may feel the need to continually prove themselves worthy of God's love. However, it is important to note that God's love is not something that can be earned or deserved through human effort alone. It is a gift freely given, rooted in God's boundless grace and mercy.

On the other hand, being a witness to God's grace in your life involves recognizing and acknowledging the unmerited favor, forgiveness, and love that God bestows upon you.

It is about humbly acknowledging your own limitations, weaknesses, and sins, and yet experiencing the transformative power of God's grace and love working in and through you.

This perspective shifts the focus from striving to earn God's love to embracing and embodying the love that has already been extended to you. It allows you to become a living testament to the transformative power of God's grace, sharing your own experiences and journey with others, and inspiring them to seek and receive God's love in their own lives.

The difference lies in understanding that God's love is not conditional upon our efforts or worthiness. It is a gift of grace that is freely given, and our response is to be grateful, humbled, and transformed by that love. Working to deserve God's love can create a sense of striving and anxiety, while being a witness to God's grace invites us to embrace and share the unconditional love that has been poured into our lives.


Here's to embracing God's grace, allowing it to shape our professional and entrepreneurial endeavors. Together, let's be witnesses to the incredible power of His love in our lives and inspire others to do the same.

Can you recall at least one time when you had received an surprising invitation, had an opportunity you didn’t work for, and by the grace of God your life, your career, your business had been transformed?


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