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Restoring Trust in God: Overcoming Past Hurt and Mistrust

Faith is a powerful force that has been the source of inspiration and hope for millions of people throughout history. However, when that faith is tested, it can be difficult to maintain a sense of trust and belief in God. For some, past hurts and disappointments may have caused them to question or even lose their faith. But there are ways to restore trust in God, even when faith is tender and wounded by the past.

Acknowledge the hurt

The first step towards restoring trust in God is acknowledging the hurt and pain that may have caused the mistrust in the first place. It is okay to feel angry, confused, or disillusioned, and it is important to allow yourself the time and space to work through those emotions. By facing your pain head-on, you can begin to understand where your mistrust of God may stem from.

We hear many stories of the childhood trauma, or betrayal, abandonment from the people we trusted and loved. We hear the stories of loss and grief. Of unfair justice. Disappointment. It's ok to acknowledge the imperfection of this world, of our own powerlessness and failure to be always good. It's ok to feel and ask questions. Especially, if you have an irrational issues with authority figures and that blocks you from accepting the highest authority over your life.

Maybe you had lived your life fighting to survive, alone, guarded, always on the defense. Of course, it's hard to let go. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Make sense of it all.

This is why faith is so good. It helps you to see the bigger meaning. Become humble. Stop thinking that you could have done better, avoid pain and failure. Feeling guilty about not being able to be in control and live a perfect life. That moment, when you acknowledge your smallness in a face of life itself, brings you closer to God. Maybe for the first time in your life you can breathe with relief. You are loved as you are. You can begin anew.

Seek spiritual guidance

Sometimes, when our faith is shaken, it can be helpful to seek guidance from a trusted spiritual mentor. They can offer guidance and support, and help us to find meaning and purpose in our struggles. They can also help us to see how our past experiences have shaped our perceptions and beliefs, and how we can move towards healing and restoration.

Remember, losing and finding faith is a part of our life experience. You are not alone on this journey. When you look around you in a busy shopping mall or a grocery store, you'll see many people just keeping up appearances, but inside struggling with big existential questions: who am I and what is the point of my life? Why those dark things happen to me? Is there God? Am I lovable? Worthy of God's love? Can things change for me?

Many famous people have faced struggles with their faith, but have ultimately found ways to restore their trust in God. One example is Selena Gomez, who has spoken openly about her struggles with depression and anxiety. In an interview, she shared how turning to her faith helped her through those difficult times. She said, "I believe in God, and that's a big part of my life. And I don't think I could do this without Him."

Another example is Denzel Washington, who has been very vocal about his Christian faith. In a speech, he said, "I've been protected, I've been directed, I've been corrected. I've kept God in my life and it's kept me humble, grateful, grounded, and focused."

Do you have great role models who had openly talked about losing and then restoring their faith? What can you learn from their story?

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Pray and meditate

Prayer and meditation can be powerful tools for restoring trust in God. They allow us to connect with a higher power and seek guidance and strength. Prayer can help us to release our fears, doubts, and worries, and surrender them to God. Meditation can help us to quiet our minds, reflect on our experiences, and find peace in the present moment.

Check our article with great inspiring prayers for forgiveness and blessings here.

Find community

Finding a community of like-minded individuals who share your faith can be a great way to restore trust in God. It can be helpful to surround yourself with people who can offer support, encouragement, and understanding. Joining a church or other spiritual group can be a great way to find that sense of community.


Restoring trust in God is a journey that requires patience, compassion, and self-reflection. By acknowledging our hurt, seeking spiritual guidance, praying and meditating, and finding community, we can move towards healing and restoration. Even famous celebrities like Selena Gomez and Denzel Washington have found ways to restore their faith in God after struggling with past hurts and mistrust. Remember, you are not alone in your struggles, and there is always hope for restoration and renewal.

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