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The Powerful Healing Process My Client Used to Make a $71K Month as a Newbie Coach, No Ads/Funnels

Today we are celebrating the amazing, brave women who courageously faced their own fears around love, money and success and broke free from the paradigm of investing without return business model that is advertised and encouraged in our coaching industry.

Enough is enough!

Today you are going to see what needs to happen for you to get phenomenal results in business and in love. Healing is my answer.

What kind of healing, you may ask, after doing therapy and transformational coaching for years?

Watch my deep-dive and enjoy all the secrets behind my clients' success journey, so you can get inspired and join any of my programs today.

I am incredibly proud of my clients and their results - they did it! They had worked for it! They had faced their fears and went deeper with their healing to make it possible!

It wasn't easy.

It wasn't straight forward.

They needed loving support and guidance.

They need unconditional acceptance.

Everything they are so generously giving to others.

It was their turn to RECEIVE.

I am celebrating their breakthroughs and feel honored to share their path to living their life with purpose.

Here are some testimonials from beautiful Maria and us discussing her process during the program. She exceeded her own expectations and went on achieving even a grater success and financial results. So excited to see her thriving and expressing her soulful self in the world.

Here we are discussing the secret behind the perfect money mindset that allows my clients to create a prosperous and fulfilling business without hustle, ads or funnels.

Now if you are interested in joining our School Of Inspired Life programs go on and check back in here and enroll or apply... I'd be very happy to help you heal and get phenomenal results in your business this year.


Lira Kay is an International Bestselling author, Speaker, and a founder of the 111 Healers Conference and the School of Inspired Life - a training center helping outstanding experts become world-class and in high demand.

Lira has been assisting people to transform their lives over 30 years. Her students had been successfully growing their businesses, launching their own academies, schools and certifications, elevating brands, charging 10-20 times as much as they charged before.

Her 111 Healers Project is reaching thousands of people across the globe with the message of healing and transformation. 111 Healers Conference gives a platform for healers from all over the world reach a global audience and share their tools and methods with public.

Join her 12-month Mastermind

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