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3-Stage Strategy to Offering $100K Coaching Programs

If you are a fast-moving, successful entrepreneur or a seasoned professional and want to tap into your potential as a thought leader and next level mentor, watch this training and apply to speak with Lira privately about your goals for this year.

Are you a seasoned expert and want to transition into becoming a successful coach and publisher? Do you feel a calling in your heart to help people? Do you know your purpose is to make a powerful impact in the world?

  • Let God's plan for you unfold, at last. - Design your business to fuel your life and inspire your spirit.

  • Launch or grow your own academy, school or certification and stand out in the over-saturated market.

  • Position to sell 5-figure group masterminds and 6-figure VIP or corporate programs. - Create evergreen products and programs fast for sustainable profits and reoccurring income streams.

EXCITING NEWS: Founders Lounge Invitation Only VIP Intensive is now accepting new applicants. If you are a fast-moving, successful entrepreneur and want to tap into your potential as a thought leader and next level mentor... ...Let's spare you from a traditional business/coaching school and take you right to the top... After all, we are building on the solid foundation - your great reputation, your following and your business acumen. We skip the basics and go deep with transformational work to create a leap worthy of your mission.

Reach us and learn more:

About the Author:

Lira Kay is an award-winning coach and publisher, known for her innovative and effective approach to therapy, high performance, and transformational work. She has worked with numerous celebrities and CEOs, helping them take their work to the next level. Lira is also the founder of the School of Inspired Life, a publishing house and professional skills training center specializing in advanced coaching methods and business coaching for seasoned experts, leaders, artists, therapists, and educators.

Work with Lira privately:

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