This Is For YOU!

You are an Old Soul and your destiny is to leave a legacy, transform yourself and change people's lives!


From hundreds of tactics and things to do - Initiate Into Your LIFE'S WORK.

Stop 'giving it a try'... Accept your Purpose with gratitude and commitment.

This is how you ever get to ... PLAY &

  • Build your own Oprah or Marie Forleo Network.

  •  Start your own Hay House or Mindvalley.

  • Have your own stage like Miss Lisa Nichols or Marianne, Brené, Teal or Arianna.

  •  Create your own Agape Center, UPW or 10X Conference.

  • Possibilities are ENDLESS! The IMPACT is REAL!

Do you truly KNOW your potential?

Are you ready to break through your limitations?  

  I Do
Work That
For People
Who Care

I am a Healer and a Teacher, so I'll help you let go of the externally and internally imposed limitations and activate your innate gifts and talents to be fulfilled and successful in your life and your work.

Lira Kay


On the surface seems like you'll be learning business, how to launch your academy or school, market and sell your gifts and talents to thousands of people...

... but in reality to get successful at that you would need to attend to your:

Skillset, Mindset & Purpose

Without working on that, you'll be just another college graduate with a fancy diploma under your belt, with MBA, or a PhD, or the most remarkable rare talent, but have nothing to show for it. 

Theory without practice and real life experience leaves you feeling like an imposter. 

Work without entrepreneurial confidence leaves you a struggling student or expert forever.

Hustle without charisma and purpose leaves you ineffective and unrecognized. 

But put professional talents and business skills together with unshakable confidence and undeniable charisma and focus, and you'd get an outstanding phenomenal expert and a leader in their field, wealthy and rightfully celebrated for their positive influence and impact in the world. 

This Is Why We Teach You All 4 Core Elements of Running a Successful
Academy or School:
Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 7.12.15 AM.png

As Lisa aligned her gift with her mission and focused her niche, did the healing work and learned to market and sell her programs at 10 time the price - her ENERGY is attracting more clients than she can serve! Luckily she launched her Academy and can teach them all at once, without overwhelm and more hustle. 

She just attended a high level Brand Uplevel Retreat where we created her new marketing assets for the next 5 years ahead! 


​After being a spiritual teacher for over 30 years... giving guidance and healing to powerful leaders, training and certifying transformational healers and coaches, taking my work to hundreds of thousands of people around the world, building creative and spiritual communities locally and online, I learned a thing or few about SPIRITUAL GIFTS. 

Being REALIZED and FULFILLED in your life, is about using your spiritual GIFTS for the good of all. 

Worldly SUCCESS is easy when your GIFTS are fully open and working FOR YOU. 

And when they are blocked you'd immediately see it, with a naked eye. I call this a REALITY CHECK. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 10.51.03 AM.pn

Reality Check is new spirituality... Tell me what you are struggling with and I'll tell you which Spiritual GIFT is calling to be expressed. What is your Soul asking you to do?

Dare to Stand Out. It is SAFE
for YOU to Be 
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  • You will not only learn cutting edge psychotherapy methods to help your clients, but you will do so by using these deep healing methods on yourself. 

  • You will actually understand HOW therapy works, the core principles, not just the tools or processes. 


  • You'll be able then to innovate and create your own original toolbox to help your clients to heal deep emotional traumas to do with abuse and abandonment - two biggest blocks for wanna be high-achievers.

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 10.50.51 AM.pn


  • You will learn to design irresistible OFFERS and create programs for your audience that completely MATCH their needs and desires. This is where most Thought Leaders, coaches and experts fail - they are trying to 'enlighten' the masses with their 'wisdoms'... But 'market' shows you HOW to use your genius ideas and methodology to make a REAL DIFFERENCE. This is your Golden Goose - a perfect Offer they can't resist!

  • MARKETING yourself is a skill anybody can learn. If you nailed your OFFER, you won't need to trick anybody into buying from you, it'd be all about your CHARISMA or lack of thereof. On the program you will turn yourself into a fascinating magnetic SPEAKER. Your VOICE will be heard. Your IDEAS clearly understood. You will have INFLUENCE and make that IMPACT. Sales are the consequence of that!

"Business is a Spiritual Path, as it makes you heal and grow yourself, and allows you to make a huge impact as a result."

Lira Kay

Can You See Why So Many Women Just Like You Are Using SOIL 4 Core Elements to Advance Themselves and Their Work

Sold her first $10K coaching program in 4 weeks, signed a major book deal, spoke on TEDx, founded a life-changing movement and a powerful influencial brand.

Went from no sales (invested over $20K with other coaches) to doubling her income every week and selling coaching at $888/hr in 4 weeks on the program.

Lira Kay teaching hundreds of women experts how to charge over $1K/hr, be unapologetically yourself and live your life purpose at all times. 

Went from $100/hr personal trainer to selling a $100,000 Coaching Program, published a book, spoke on global stages and launched her own academy with Lira.

Went from selling $100/hr energy healing to selling a $10,000 Certification Program first week into Lira's program. In the next 3 weeks made her entire previous year income.

Made triple of what other coaches in her gym made and created a largely influential brand with Lira's Aquarian Marketing model. 

Published a book, became international speaker, launched her own foundation and became a inspiring leader in her community.

10 X her fees for hypnosis sessions. Launched her own academy, became a leading business coach in her area. Made her entire previous year income in just 2 months with Lira.

Learned the essentials of self-worth and pricing your work to build a legacy and make a massive impact in the world at Lira's international live event. 

**Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying clients of School Of Inspired Life programs. Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business model, and market forces beyond our control. Please note that Founders Lounge is not a business opportunity. Founders Lounge is a professional training program that helps coaching businesses position and sell their products and services online. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims, and you may not make your money back.**

Watch My Graduates:

In Less Than 10 Minutes, You Can Grasp HOW Founders Lounge Students Can Achieve So Much & So Fast...

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"This is truly the BEST program I have ever invested in!"


Faye Hurley - Self Worth & Success Mindset Expert


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