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Raise Your Status = Raise Your Prices

If you are looking to dramatically grow your business this year, the fastest way to do it, is to start charging more for your work.

But today I want to talk with you about another huge part of your success as a high end coach: your positioning. Also knows as your reputation.

Have you ever noticed being the center of attention and feeling appreciated and celebrated in some tribes, and completely dismissed and misunderstood, in others?

This is why we often group with like-minded people.

It's not enough to be an expert, it's even more important to be in the right place at the right time. Don't you agree?!

Here is the key for successfully positioning yourself as the one and only solution to the problem your customers have.

Choose the right customer!

Customers, Context and Values.

Let's put your work into a bigger context.

Who are you really for your customers?

Are you a coach?

Are you a mentor?


What do you bring to the table?

If you are not getting paid your worth, it might happen, that you are not targeting the right people in your marketing.

All of your skills and talents can be wasted on somebody who doesn’t share your values.

  • You might be offering productivity or high performance tips to people who are happily content.

  • You might be pitching your money mindset course to people who don’t have to hustle for a living.

  • What about offering dating advice to women recovering from a bad divorce?

Not every single woman would pay for a relationship coach. Not every poor person wants to run a business. And not every dreamer or a seeker actually wants an answer.

Working with a wrong client can totally rob you off your confidence and spoil your track record of success. And in business, your reputation equals money.

You already know, respect is earned.

But… to actually to earn respect you would demonstrate your integrity to people who care.

Just being popular might actually damage your reputation.

Being selective is the key.

This template will help you identify your perfect audience with 100% accuracy, and

gain their respect, so you can fill up your premium programs with your ideal clients.

Use this template to create your next marketing post, make an offer and close a 5-figure sale.


1 Name of your best ideal perfect client

2 Who is she/he exactly:













life style

family life





3 What does she/he want

4 What is her/his deepest desire

5 What is her/his worst nightmare

6 How does she/he fails her/himself

7 What does she/he needs, but doesn't know it

8 What does she/he believes she/he needs

9 What is her/his biggest obstacle

10 What does she/he tries to avoid at any cost

11 What would she/he pay any money to solve

12 What is the biggest reason behind all she/he does

Now answer the questions 3-12 for yourself.

Are you on the same page?

Why would your clients respect you if you don't share your values?

How can you communicate your values openly and clearly to attract the absolute right audience and fill up your programs with your ideal clients?

Watch my video as an example of inspiring the right audience by sharing my values unapologetically and attracting my ideal clients into my school. I signed up 3 premium clients after that 20 min presentation, without selling or offering any free consultations or resources from stage. When you share your values you are making a stand for your people. It is immensely attractive to your ideal clients, and positions you as the one and only solution to their problem.

PS Don’t compromise your values, it’s not worth it!

Lira has been assisting people to transform their lives for almost 30 years, through art-therapy based workshops, psychotherapy practical seminars, transformative classes, art, international curatorial projects, coaching, speaking and spiritual healing workshops.

After traveling the world Lira settled in Walnut Creek, CA with her husband and their 5 daughters.

You can learn more about Lira’s work at

Lira is an author of 3 books:

Now Or Never, How to Get What You Want Every Time You Say I Wish.

I Belong, The Journey From Lost to Found.

Release 20 Pounds of Pain, Practical Guide to Quit Addictions and Create the Body to Fit Your Dreams.

Lira was born in Russia, grew up in Estonia, moved to UK in her 20-s, then lived in France, Marseille, until eventually moving to Boston, MA and then in San Francisco Bay, CA.

On the daily basis Lira is working with talented women entrepreneurs helping them to create a business based on their passions. She specializes in training coaches to become exceptionally good at their work and runs an Advanced Coaches and Healers Certification.

Her current 111 Healers Project aims to mentor 100 healers who can work alongside therapist, bringing a purpose-oriented therapy methods to the masses. The idea is that as we heal ourselves, we all affect at least 10 people around us, our immediate family and friends, and then we can take our work to the next 100 people. So here you have it: 1 individual healed, 10 more, then 100 more again.

Lira inspires people around the world to heal themselves and start giving back, living their purpose. She speaks on many international platforms, including with Fearless Woman Summit, reaching over 300,000 women around the globe, regularly doing radio and video interviews and trainings, and teaching from her weekly Facebook Lives.

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