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How To Charge For a Coaching Program

Charging for your coaching program has got NOTHING to do with your self-worth, and EVERYTHING to do with the results you can provide!

Notes from the video:

What can you guarantee principle (give you trainings and tools, spend time with you, giving you straight personal feedback on your work and personal patterns).

Don’t overpromise - instead do 1 thing you promise very well - put it in the contract (my personal feedback is the best - so I prepare to be fit to do that!).

Overdeliver - user experience (personal style - what you want them to feel on your program - me: looked after, Givers can Receive, not patronized - straight direct honest answers, trust in your ability to implement or take responsibility for your delays or your level of ambition, support your bigger vision and help with that even if it’s not in a program, offer the next level program when appropriate, create extra trainings to support your personally, predict sabotage and help to break the pattern, give personal attention and love).

Level 1 - Minimum Benefits: (most coaches thrive for that! (mistake) - phony business strategists, or ‘intuitive’ coaches) Recognize by ‘copying the content’ but never have the same conviction, passion and success.

see how it works

re-sell the program

Level 2 - Normal Benefits:

Implement the system and get results.

(In my case: create a program, learn advanced tools to get results for their clients, market sufficiently and get clients, learn sales and use the process to sign up high end clients)

Have a financial leap - triple their fees, work less, take a breath.

Relationships - start dating the right people, learn communication and stop arguing, start having sex, set boundaries and get what you want.

Health - loose weight, stop addictions, style makeover - new wardrobe.

Level 3 - Maximum Benefits:

Understand the Method behind the system and implement that again to create a

consistent results business/marriage/healtha bigger next level leap triple income/soul-connection, higher standards/fit and strong and beautiful body, inner beauty and confidence, no matter what you wear.

3) repeat (higher standards, bigger vision/dream, next ambition - next business or project/book/program/relationship/health issue)

How you SERVE:

Level 1

Show the behind the scenes

Tell stories about yourself

Give them a curriculum and workbooks

(Certification, Be Phenomenal Business, Be Phenomenal Mindset, 90 Days to Love Life, Release 20 Pounds of Pain, Sales, Marketing Programs) - all can be used after the program is finished again and again.

Level 2

Coach live, give feedback, keep accountable, help on the need-to-know basis

(9 month weekly sessions) - what is implemented will get results long term, short term - be straight what would be expected to change.

Example: do the ‘Shadow work’ and you will get over your fear of success and succeed: do the assignment after the session - ‘incorporate your shadow into your FB live - get a client.

Heal your parental programming - gain confidence and permission to make $1K per day - heal the ‘over-the-top ambition - father issues, stop hustling and become strategic and focused - mother issues.

Do the 52 Marketing topics the way I teach you - you will have a marketing for a year, consistently attracting clients.

Brand yourself, publish a book - get recognized, raise your prices

Network, speak, do the Fb lives the way I teach you - get people reach out to you.

Set up a website with the automated sign-up system and cut your hours in half, have better prospects on the sales calls.

Have the work ethics/business model I teach - have an better easier going business, less hustle, more confidence, more money.

Level 3

Be a role model, let clients in (show them what deeper work you do) - take them on the journey with you - my summer camp (spiritual and personal growth program)

Teach the concept

Explain the context within which you apply the concept/method and show how else it affects and can affect their life.


  • think about your program:

  • what can you guarantee

  • what is in the contract

How you are going to overdeliver?

What are the minimum, normal and maximum benefits clients will have working with you?




How can you assure they are getting that?

Want to become an exceptional coach?

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