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Series of Deep Dive Trainings on How to Create Content That Sells Your Premium Coaching Programs

Take notes and face the fears you have about being successful and powerful in your work, speaking from stages or in your videos, while marketing your coaching business. learn a better more effective ways to show up for your audience and make a real difference.

This is a series of deep-dives I recorded in my private business group and now making public.

I'd love for you to get phenomenal results from watching and implementing what I teach and then join any of my business programs to uplevel your work and impact even further.

While you watching ignore any of the old business programs or events invitations, I am only running one business training 12-month group currently, at $1K/mo. Private work is mainly focused on midlife existential crisis and restoration of your faith, love, health and wealth and a transformation of your life, career and marriage. Learn more about VIP programs and couples coaching here.


How to Pick Your Niche and Understand Your Purpose


What to Focus on First in Your Coaching Business - Recover Your Investments ASAP


How to Stand Out Online in the Oversaturated Pool of Coaches


Become a Phenomenal Speaker


Sales Secrets


I will be adding more videos as we go along, so save this link and check in time to time to get more trainings.

Apply to join the business program here.

To start with an online course click here.


Lira Kay is an award-winning coach and publisher, known for her innovative and effective approach to therapy, high performance, and transformational work. She has worked with numerous celebrities and CEOs, helping them take their work to the next level. Lira is also the founder of the School of Inspired Life, a publishing house and professional skills training center specializing in advanced coaching methods and business coaching for seasoned experts, leaders, artists, therapists, and educators.

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