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Holistic Coaches - The Tweak That Will Get You Clients

Problem with Holistic Coaches out there is that your prospects are afraid of your approach to healing and achieving success. It sounds tiresome, long and overwhelming.

What you need to change is your understanding of healing and transformation.

Holistic means everything is connected: body, mind and spirit, or mindset and business, or healing childhood traumas and loving relationships.

This is great premise! But the mistake is to NOT TO TRUST that connection and try to fix everything in your client's life in a one single program.

If you truly believe in HOLISTIC approach, you should know, that by working with only one element you will affect them all!

Here is what I propose:

Instead of doing 30 different things to fix one problem, why don’t you learn how to do one thing that positively affects 30 things in your client’s life.


Read on: ….

On my Advanced Certification I help my coaches create effective coaching programs. I work with health, spiritual, relationship, dating, couples, business, mindset, speaking, writing, intuitive coaches.

One of the biggest mistakes they typically make, when they are thinking about raising their fees to become a high ticket coach, is to create a coaching program with too many steps in it.

When they are trying to sell their coaching program they explain: I have a holistic approach to healing, getting success…

What they mean is that they look at the problem from all different angles and then trying to fix everything in order to get a client this one desired result.

Then they see their prospect getting overwhelmed and already tired of their program before they even began.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes! Would you rather pay more for a program that works fast, than spend your precious time letting a coach ‘work’ on you forever?

You can’t really fool anybody into paying you more for prolonging their suffering. It doesn’t make any sense!

What would make your program desirable is a process that can guarantee a radical and rapid change in quality of your client’s life.

I call it a one small but significant tweak that creates a 99% of transformation.

Most people who come to me for healing had done therapy for decades… we are talking week after week, year after year sitting in the therapist office digging and dwelling on what had been done to them and who to blame, how to forgive… Talking about their feelings just didn’t work for them.

Then they invest in coaching and within a month big issues are getting solved with a very little effort.

Many things come to creating transformation. Time isn’t one of them!

Read on about how you can learn and implement the principles of healing I had been practicing and teaching for almost 30 years personally changing lives of hundreds of people around the world and affecting thousands through my books and online trainings.



Lira Kay Founder of School Of Inspired Life

Author: Lira Kay

Lira Kay is an international bestselling author, founder of School Of Inspired Life, a contemporary professional training center for expert coaches and healers.

Lira has been assisting people to transform their lives for almost 30 years, through art-therapy based workshops, psychotherapy practical seminars, transformative classes, art, international curatorial projects, coaching, speaking and spiritual healing workshops.

After traveling the world Lira settled in Walnut Creek, CA with her husband and their 5 daughters.

You can learn more about Lira’s work at

Lira is an author of 3 books:

Now Or Never, How to Get What You Want Every Time You Say I Wish.

I Belong, The Journey From Lost to Found.

Release 20 Pounds of Pain, Practical Guide to Quit Addictions and Create the Body to Fit Your Dreams.

Lira was born in Russia, grew up in Estonia, moved to UK in her 20-s, then lived in France, until eventually moving to Boston, MA and then in San Francisco Bay, CA.

On the daily basis Lira is working with talented women entrepreneurs helping them to create a business based on their passions. She specializes in training coaches to become exceptionally good at their work and runs an Advanced Coaches and Healers Certification.

Her current 111 Healers Projects aims to mentor 100 healers who can work alongside therapist, bringing a purpose-oriented therapy methods to the masses. The idea is that as we heal ourselves, we all affect at least 10 people around us, our immediate family and friends, and then we can take our work to the next 100 people. So here you have it: 1 individual healed, 10 more, then 100 more again.

Lira inspires people around the world to heal themselves and start giving back, living their purpose, on international speaking platforms, with Fearless Woman Summit, reaching 2330,000 woman around the globe, regularly doing radio and video interviews and trainings, and teaching from her weekly Facebook Lives.

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