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What is a Phenomenal life? What does that look like to you? Starting a business and growing it to a million-dollar company? Creating your financial freedom without sacrificing your health or relationships?  Feeling powerful and authentic? Ultimately, a Phenomenal life = life that makes a difference and brings you joy

The Lira Kay's blog is a collection of the teachings of Lira Kay, the powerful strategies and tools she uses to help others achieve their vision of a Phenomenal life and business. Discover how to achieve rapid growth in your coaching, healing or consulting business and become successful on your terms. Start today with the articles, videos and other resources we’ve made available here to help you on your journey to the life you desire and deserve.

How to Implement Working Strategies Instead of Struggling in Your Coaching Business. 


Are you tired of overpromising and undercharging, but not seeing success with selling your coaching, healing, consulting programs? Research is showing that creating a hype and lowering your prices just isn't enough, no matter what you learned from your latest marketing program. Instead, you must stay in integrity with your fees. Which we believe should be high, given the high value you provide for your clients. 

To create a coaching program that can be 100% guaranteed is almost impossible for an average coach after the training they received in a traditional coaching school.  The School Of Inspired Life Advanced Coaches and Healers Certification takes things to the next level because it teaches coaches, healers and consultants how to stay in high integrity with their premium fees as they create a coaching program that actually gets really valuable results for their clients... READ ON

never overpromise never undercharge.-2.p

How to Charge Premium Without Feeling Like a Fraud. 


In this video I show you how you can become a coach who is charging over thousand dollars per hour and stays in full integrity with their fees... READ ON 


Ultimatum None Of Us Want to Hear. 

...I had to stop being a workaholic and make space for him and my 5 kids in my life... I had to take a reality check!

Then I went from from selling myself too short to charging over $2,000/hr...                    

Read what it took me to make such a dramatic change after 3 years of struggle and doubt...

Had Coaching Industry Become a Pyramid Scheme? How Can You Personally Make It as a Coach!


Unfortunately what we see happening in the coaching industry these days, is thousands of broke disappointed coaches re-selling somebody else’s failing ‘systems’ and celebrity gurus spending 7-figures on advertising. This makes you wonder, will you ever make it as coach if you have integrity and actually care about helping people.


I was struggling with charging people who needed help so badly, but just didn't have money to pay me.

And I was getting more and more resistant of hanging out with my friends and acquaintances who wanted to pick my brains for free, or would ask for relationship and business advice, but would never actually implement it. I worked with 5-6 clients per day, but they had such low expectations from themselves and were just looking for a therapist or a friend. I was tired of dragging them along and being their cheerleader, instead of working with them on real problems I was so good at solving.

                                                                                  ... READ ON

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