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Stop Codependency: Beat the Imposter Syndrome & Raise Your Fees

Do you sometimes feel terrified of being found out? Even though your are hugely overqualified and painfully undercharging for your work?

Did you know that by healing codependency you will ultimately get rid of this horrible pattern of 'feeling like a fraud'?


Then, listen up!

Feeling like an imposter is a syndrome of several underlying issues:

  • critical upbringing,

  • uncertainty about your program,

  • competitiveness...

To beat your Imposter Syndrome you need to address your insecurities and create new habits of feeling confident as a person, as a service provider, and as a competitor in your market space.

There's a great secret to creating confidence! Do you want to know what it is?

Stop conditioning yourself all the time!

Yep. Every time you come up with a rule about what "perfect" is, or what or who "should" you be like, you are loosing out.

Because you didn't write these rules!

Who did?

I don't know, your parents, your teachers, media, church?

Who wanted to keep you under control and tell you what to do?

The easiest way to control people is to tell them, they are incapable of figuring it out...

This is how co-dependency is created.

You want to stop feeling like an imposter, heal your codependency.

What will happen if you won't?

Well, you'll keep undercharging and overdelivering.

Fear drives you to lower your fees and compete with your 'affordability'...

Guess what?! There will always be someone cheaper or FREE!

And when you are trying to prove yourself by overdelivering and taking responsibility for your client's results... well, you are shooting yourself in a foot!

This is sure pathway to creating a monstrous business you hate.

Over-giving and not getting paid your worth leaves you resentful of your clients and your own business.

And it's not even their fault.

You slowly but surely train them to get more and more from you , with less and less accountability on their part.

And, what about the sales? Have you been 'pleasing' your prospects with 'coaching' and making them feel better all the time? Have you been giving tips and inspiring your audiences on Social Media? No wonder you are dreading your marketing hours and sales calls!

This sound exhausting!

Instead, play by your own rules!

You are capable!

You are enough!

You've got what it takes!

Everybody in my Founders Lounge go through a healing process with me.

Release 20 Ponds of Pain is about healing codependency with any kind of attachments, people, communities and beliefs you may have.

As my clients go through the healing process and one by one release all of the limitations put upon them through out their lives... they become more confident and sure of themselves.

Then the next part of beating imposter syndrome starts: creating an effective program that delivers on your big (worthy of 5-figure investment) promise.

It's important that you can be effective and 100% sure about your method.

Most coaches never thought about it. They rely on their toolbox or trying to wing it, hoping their intuition will tell them what to do.

In reality, you can use your intuition only if you have vast amount of experience and knowledge about the subject... (This is Google definition of intuition).

I help my clients to specify their niche, so there's no misunderstanding or false expectations leaking through your marketing... which is always a case if you are trying to imitate all the hyped-up gurus out there.

Then, the next level work I do for my clients: is helping them to create immaculately authentic personal brand.

If you want to win in this competitive market, it's not productive to say "it's enough for everybody" :) I know, that if you are overdelivering and pleasing people on your sales calls... it's because you actually don't believe that in your heart.

Don't say it unless you can back it up with your behavior.

If you can't, then let's dive deeper into how to compete with the 'big boys and girls' and take your rightful place in the industry.

The mistake would be to become a mini-me of any transformational guru out there... your pervious coach, your more successful best friend.

Find your own style... pave your own way... Don't skip the hard work of discovering and creating your identity.

No one says it will be easy.

Most people can't afford to be authentic.

They sell out, compromise, back down, because of what they have to loose, the security, the good feelings and good opinions of other people about them, is too precious.

The habit of living in fear is far more ingrained in your than you'd like to believe.

You will know you had completely integrated and internalized courage, when you stop rebellious behavior that leaves you seeking attention, craving those 'likes' on social media, working so hard to just get that pat on the back...

You will know that you are healed from living in fear when you can stand out, name your price, and deliver.

This is a premise for a powerful personal brand... that doesn't need gimmicks and tricks to fascinate and attract people.

If you want to learn more about how I get my clients create authentic brands that go global and impact thousands of people, get them paid 10 times as much as any coach out there, explore my Founders Lounge and get yourself on the Admissions Call. Let's meet and speak frankly about what's going to get you to live your life's purpose and make great money with it.

Author: Lira Kay

Lira Kay is an international bestselling author, founder of School Of Inspired Life, a professional training center for expert coaches and healers to become world-class and in high demand.

Lira started her life coaching business 7 years ago and successfully led many transformational programs, such as 90 Days to Love, Be Phenomenal: Mindset To Empower, $10K From Monday To Friday and a $100K in 100 Days Challenge.

Her most popular one year programs Advanced Coaches and Healers Certification and Founders Lounge help successful coaches and thought leaders launch their own schools and academies and creates a solid foundation for a 7-figure transformational business.

After traveling the world Lira lives in Hawaii with her husband and their 5 daughters. You can learn more about Lira’s work at

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