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Growing Your Audience

Learn the Art Of Influence to Play The Long Term Game and Make a Global Difference

What can go wrong with your brand and

why you should brand yourself as a role model.

Right now you want to dramatically increase your outreach and you have two concerns.

Budget and partnering.

We will discuss it later.

Before you spend your hard-earned money and commission your army of affiliates, let’s see what needs to be done first.

5 Things that can go wrong with you brand.

Symptoms: no faithfully engaged audience, no products and services sold.


1 no relevance to the real people, insignificant and useless service/product

2 too small of an outreach (due to the lack of budget and partnerships)

3 confusion about the purpose or too slow to get to the point

4 artificial-ness of your brand, following trends, temporary.

5 no trust, no consistency, a scheme.

So to increase your outreach and visibility and effectiveness of your brand you would boost:

relevance, visibility, clarity of purpose, stability and integrity of your work.

The biggest mistake is to start raising money and networking hours before attending to the other week points.

To save money and time you have to develop:

a better product that promises, delivers and guarantees fast crucial results that profoundly affect the quality of life for your audience.

The next step would be to create an impact just with the name of your brand.

Let people see, how truly impactful you are.

Experience is what they believe.

So give it to them instantly.


Tony Robbins “Awaken the Giant Within”

Abraham Hicks “Ask and Is Given”

Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich”

Marisa Peer “You are Good Enough”

NLP “Replace Your Meta-Model”

Sigmund Freud “Heal Your Past”

C.G. Young “Archetypes”

Lira Kay “Discipline of Service”

Now when I teach Discipline of Service

I promise to increase your productivity through practice of self love…

eventually lessening the time of Self and increasing the time of Service.

Lessening the time, because of the mastery of Self.

Then Self is also Serving.

And Service heals and expands Self.

What I teach is how you can embody the Miracle Worker and heal and transform and evolve people with your presence.

It doesn’t matter what you do, you ARE serving.

It comes from becoming extremely and utterly comfortable with oneself.

The more comfortable you are the more generous you are.

So, uncomfortable-ness comes from shame (anxiety about oneself).

Shame comes from conditioning.

The one way out is to change the beliefs about good and bad, and do’s and don’t’s.

And also, to expose and improve oneself.

Expose with the goal of experiencing acceptance and judgment, and coming to the realization is it safe to be you, vulnerable, as well as powerful.

Improve oneself - that’s obvious… some quilts and shames are real :) it’s ok, to solve the issue, instead of only try to feel good about yourself.

Now, generosity comes from

ownership, ignorance or courage.

The unhealthy way is to be ignorant in your giving and sacrifice and deprive yourself. That path leads to poverty. Financial as well as energetic or spiritual.

Ownership is all about:

working with quilt (as you would lead and make mistakes, and fail),

and finding yourself enjoying your duties and responsibilities.

Courage can be found in faith.

So to be successful you will see yourself

taking risk in offering yourself to the world…

and letting people in on your process, and your life as it is.

This is why if you want to build and expand your brand you will be Living Your Life as a Role Model!

My life’s work is to teach you how to live, evolved and conscious of death.

How to work, create and give at the edge of your limitations.

Close to your end, postponing and making the most of Knowing your mortality.

Open to the origins of you, brining the energy, filling the air with what is a force, with what is Known as Life.

No confusion.

No excuses.

No boundaries.

You will recognize yourself as my student

with a desire to Know, Produce and Break Free.

You might be battling the Self, or the Self in a form of your People.

Either way you want to expand, with clarity and focus.

Discipline of Service is your answer.

You will learn how to serve and how to take care of yourself.


Lira Kay

Lira Kay is an International Bestselling author and a founder of School of Inspired Life. Learn more at and watch Lira’s free video training and apply for a free Deep-Dive Into Your Mission Session

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