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Giving and Serving Based Marketing and Sales

One of the biggest things, I would say, attitudes, I change for my clients when I get them to triple their fees and sell the next day, is their obsession with scripts and magic formulas that would sell their stuff.

No script will sell your program if you program isn't desirable for people. There's no magic words you say to make people get out their wallets and credit cards.

The basic principle of copy writing, for example, isn't the steps or the order in which you lay out your offer, that is secondary. The number one secret, is your connection, especially emotional connection, with your audience.

To be able to do that you have to stop protecting yourself and serve and give from your heart.

And, guess what, for many, it is a daunting task.

Here're two reasons why:

  1. Expressing emotions had been unsafe or didn't lead to any love, sympathy or acceptance in your past.

  2. Allowing yourself to feel anything brings up early childhood feelings that had been happily suppressed over your own lifetime.

The much deeper and bigger work needs to be done for you, in order to feel safe and ok with being emotional, in your life, and in your marketing.

So, here I would love to help you breakthrough that initial barrier that keeps your clients away from you.

Let's explore, what's in it for you!

Yes, why would you 'go there'? Why would you become real, congruent and authentic for yourself and for your audience?

First of all, if you don't, you won't sell, or attract your clients to you.

Especially in the coaching industry competition is fierce. People don't just want any coach... they want connection. They want to feel, like you've 'clicked'.

My clients tell me, they know immediately, from the first sight, I am their coach. My style isn't for everyone. I might be too direct at times, and hate waisting time. We have high level of accountability on my programs, and that is why my clients are getting unprecedented results. I talk about my method in my videos, I project the energy and confidence that I am, and my potential clients instantly decide whether it is for them or not. When they come to the sales calls they are committed. They know what to expect.

To be able to show up powerfully in my videos I had to break my old belief, that people would be scared, intimidated, and repelled by my power, and then I will 'end up alone'.

I had to understand my own feelings about my mom, who is a strong-willed career woman, but who also was a single mother, with no man by her side, to love and support her. I had to break that subconscious connection I made about being powerful and being all alone and not loved in my life.

I remember having to confront my famous father's voice in my head, "women" with husbands and kids will never make it in art or business. Forget it!".

I remember sitting on the edge of my bed, crying out the guilt I had about doing my work, while also brining up five small daughters. The dilemma so many woman live with.

Doing 'Shadow Work", the process that allows you to see your irrational fears clearly and incorporate behaviors that would lead you to success, even you have strong negative associations with them, helped me to be who I am.

I accepted my power and I took a risk in my own marriage to be who I am, certainly imperfect, but also owning my expertise and my big goals and ambitions.

The hardest thing was to share my big vision with my husband.

He knows me as I am, he can keep me accountable to my promises. He can see my weaknesses and doubt my strength. I've opened up and never looked back. I had to prove myself. Not just with saying the big inspiring words, but with making cash and justifying time I spend away from my family. Gosh, if you saw me then, letting go of my entitlement to my big vision, positive affirmations, business investments.. all for nothing.... Not a pretty sight! :)) But luckily, the ghost of the past.

I set boundaries with my kids. Yes, I drew the line of what is their's and what is mine when it comes to living a happy fulfilled life.

It was probably the most challenging task. If you are a mother, you know how hard it is to let go of control. Especially when you teenager is playing up and testing your commitment to sanity and your own wellbeing. I remember my sleepless nights, worrying, imagining the worst, when my teenage daughter would slip out at night... I remember setting the rules. Being the 'bad guy'.

I remember failing in business, so miserably. Being a workaholic. Not making money. Feeling ashamed. Thinking that something is really wrong with me!

I had to start trusting people with not turning away from me, if they knew what I am really all about. I shared my struggles. I shared my small wins. I let people in on my journey, not just the happy end of it.

This is how I created my faithful loyal audience. People who buy from me. Reach out for help and support.

Another huge misconception is, that power is in the loud voice and positivity, sounding like Tony Robbins, or being 'vulnerable' and telling your 'rags to riches" or 'from broke to empowered' stories, like Lisa Nichols or Gabby Bernstein.

I can assure you, their outstanding financial success didn't come from this one singular trick or secret they sell you. It is all together attitude of complete openness and taking risk to expose even the darkest and ugliest, completely imperfect sides of them, that makes them so attractive and magnetic to their followers. Along with super smart business and marketing strategies and investments.

Your power is in your authenticity.

What are you hiding? What do you think, is so imperfect, unacceptable about you? Share that with your audience and see their reaction.

Get emotional.

Get real!

How specifically can you do that?

1 Check your exciting vibe on social media. What's the vibe? Is that YOUR vibe? Do you really FEEL this way in your life, or do people get 'filtered', saturated, polished, world-loving and ever-so-poistive you?

2 Remember yourself a few years back and what you struggled with and what you were looking for. Start talking with people from the compassionate point of view. Don't just 'preach from above', go down to earth with them. Share, not just, your wisdom, but how you gotten there. Specifically. How you failed, How much you've invested. How you pushed or forced yourself. How you actually used your willpower (such an unpopular term for all Goddess-Entrepreneurs out there!).... But you got the success you've got, not because your did 'positive affirmations', but very likely implemented the method your smart coach had taught you. So just say it as it is. If you are a coach, you will see people start gathering closer to you.

3 Share what your life is like 'behind the scenes". What do you do all day? Just showing your bikini business life style shots will not do. Not any more, when your audience is getting tired of bullshit. Behind every successful bikini coach, or a law of attraction guru, or celebrity author, is a great team of marketers, a perfect book funnel, and a lot of investments in ads and affiliate revenue sharing. (And I didn't even mention, YEARS, yes, long years, of doing the work and not giving up!)

One of my celebrity coaches had shared once how she got to be a NYT Bestseller twice... it took her over $250,000 each time! So whatever you are doing to be successful, don't be ashamed of your way, be transparent about it and people will TRUST you more.

Hanging out with big marketing funnel bros, I heard, that it takes about 7 years and about 50 unsuccessful funnels, to built THE ONE that takes you to 7 figures over night. :)

4 Stop imitating big marketing gurus out there. Read above how 8-figure financial success is actually built... and if you don't have the means, find your own way to stand out. Understand your target market, create and nurture your own community online or off line. Put in the time. Be consistent.

5 Don't give up, just because nobody bought your stuff from your first attempt to launch your awesome intuitive download. Study your audience and create offers FOR THEM. Come from the place of service, not your ego. Stop insisting on your spiritual downloads to be what humanity needs right now. Market decides what's going to sell. Every successful entrepreneur of our time had accepted and used that to advance their business. Do you want to be successful, or do you want to be right?

6 Test your offers, test your marketing message. Test everything before scaling your systems or boosting your exposure with ads. Do your emotional stories inspire your audience to buy? Or are you 'working for 'likes', sympathy or admiration.

7 All together heal that desire to be and look perfect. People relate to imperfection, they want to know your secrets... And, I don't mean 'magic secret to your success', but how do you live with yourself, after everything you had been through. Now that's raw, that's emotional and more vulnerable than any empowerment story you want to tell them.

Everything we talked about here, unglues you from yourself and puts you on the path of service and a true powerful giving.

As you see, I don't invite you to lead the life of sacrifice, or martyrdom, but the life and business based on integrity and truth.

This is a completely NEW way of doing business.

We are done with manipulating people into buying crap they don't need. We are done with feeding people fake news and general watered-down wisdoms, that had been so popular in the past.

We don't patronize our audiences. We come from the place in our heart that is real. It might not be perfect, or 100% enlightened and ascended... but it's what we've got.

We accept and welcome the fact that the world is changing. Market place is changing. The industry is changing.

Do you want to be the pioneer of the new Era of Aquarius marketing? Or do you want to be left behind... and learn from the old outdated marketing gurus, that taught you to manipulate and trick people.

If you are called to join our group of phenomenal women leading transformational industry to the new era of business building, learn more here and let's talk about your marketing message and authentic sales process that will take your work to the people who need you. Click here to learn more.

Author: Lira Kay

Lira Kay is an international bestselling author, founder of School Of Inspired Life, a professional training center for expert coaches and healers to become world-class and in high demand.

Lira has been assisting people to transform their lives for almost 30 years, through spiritual healing workshops, psychotherapy, art, international curatorial projects, coaching, speaking and publishing.

Lira started her life coaching business 7 years ago and successfully led many transformational programs, such as 90 Days to Love, Be Phenomenal: Mindset To Empower, $10K From Monday To Friday and a $100K in 100 Days Challenge.

Her most popular one year programs Advanced Coaches and Healers Certification and Founders Lounge help successful coaches and thought leaders launch their own schools and academies and creates a solid foundation for a 7-figure transformational business.

After traveling the world Lira lives in Walnut Creek, CA with her husband and their 5 daughters. You can learn more about Lira’s work at

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