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Disconnect Between Your BIG Goals and Your Self Worth and How to Fix It

Even though, you have a Vision Board and wrote down your grandiose ideas about your future life...

... even though, you are tapping in your positive I'm statements and 'OM-ing' and pleasuring yourself into the state of abundance...

... you might not reached your dreams yet, because at the root of all of your daily activities is a low self esteem.

Here is the workshop I did to help people with BIG dreams get closer to accomplishing them. Great results came from just listening and doing the exercises in this video.

My experience of 30 years of working with thousands of people around the world went into creating my tools and methods of fast track healing and mindset work that helps high achievers perform at the edge of their limitations, without loosing their sanity or sacrificing their health and relationships.

If you have a big vision for you life and are serious about achieving it... watch this deep-dive training and apply all you learn.

If you want to advance your life and your business and illuminate internal subconscious blocks that prevent you from achieving your big financial dream, join my Founders Lounge here.

Learn More about our programs here.

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