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Discipline of Service

Learn the Art Of Giving to Play The Long Term Game and Make a Global Difference

You wanted to escape the world...

never be the average consumer, ready to blame others for never achieving anything, who lives in fear, anxious about reality, refusing to make effort, denying responsibility….

what you aspired to be is an outstanding phenomenal giver, a courageous leader, recognized for the hard work you do.

And right now, you may have your moments:

when your dark and white shadows overcome you….

you feel small and selfish doing your work,

not quite worth the sacrifice.

not quite celebrated.

You want and you also stall.

You do and you also sabotage.

Between the Two of You, is the vast life… your work, your process, your clients and your audience… and also your family, and your intimate partner, and your kids, friends and mentors.

Your relationships and your productivity is a great measure… you think!

And, what if I tell you, that what is even more significant, is your life as it is.

You can either escape relationships and keep yourself distant.

Or you can get so involved and devote yourself to pleasing people.

All in gaining recognition for “how good you are”.

And you can throw yourself into your work, and making money, and proving and proving yourself again and again.

You truly believe, you are walking the bridge and closing the gap… getting closer to your ideal.

And you are missing the point.

Letting go of your expectations of being ‘good’ either by preservation of your status quo, or giving yourself away, will lead you to see what’s behind the hard work of escapism.

Hey, I am ‘no good’… I might never be… can I live with that?

In my game of life, would I allow purpose-less unjustified time.

Who does this time belong to?

Who am I while waisting precious spiritual energy?

Am I a human… an average consumer… or am I a God, creator of time, and I lead the way to appreciation and celebration of human life?

Can I accept unconditional life?

No purpose at all.

No hurry at all.

No significance to anyone.

No witnesses to my glory.

Just a day, another day of being.

Discipline of Service is that exact practice.

Practice of life.

Involvement and distraction.

Focus and creativity.

Taking and giving.

The dance between life and death.

Libido tamed by discipline.

Mortido bounded by purpose.

Restriction and Freedom.

Control and Surrender.

What is your point of pain?

Point of no return.

Point of recognition, realization and potential.

What is your current lesson in life?

How do you balance between these two?

What overcomes, what gives in?

Why and how you let it be?

How and why would you notice, and, perhaps, affect the cause of your Life?

How can I waste time?

How can I be the most productive?

Take and give.

Work and rest.

Lead and contemplate.

Me and Them.

Mercy and War.

Above and beyond.

My life’s work is to teach you how to live, evolved and conscious of death.

How to work, create and give at the edge of your limitations.

Close to your end, postponing, and making the most of Knowing Your Mortality.

Open to the origins of you, brining the energy, filling the air with what is a force, with what is Known as Life.

No confusion.

No excuses.

No boundaries.

You will recognize yourself as my student

with a desire to Know, Produce and Break Free.

You might be battling Self or the Self in a form of your People.

Either way you want to expand, clear and focused.

Discipline of Service is your answer.

You will learn how to serve and how to take care of yourself.


Lira Kay

Lira Kay is an International Bestselling author and a founder of School of Inspired Life. Learn more at and watch Lira’s free video training and apply for a free Deep-Dive Into Your Mission Session

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