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Actions That Have Consequences


Your ego is only afraid of two things: to die and to be alone.

Your Spirit is fearless.

You’ve made a choice to find yourself through your life events and relationships.

When you hear “who do you think you are”,

don’t hesitate as you ARE the fearless one.

Spirit will not die and can not be alone.

Spirit belongs.

And Ego only resists understanding.

How can you bring yourself to fully see the bigger picture of you?

Through discipline of service.

Yes, doubts may keep you small,

but it’s your actions that have consequences.

You can not remain blind to the greatness of you,

not after you’ve changed lives and turned death away.

You fight every day, like all of us,

with your desire to find peace.

You risk your status quo to be realized.

For that I celebrate you!

Lira Kay Lira Kay is an International Bestselling author and a founder of School of Inspired Life.

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