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Absurd Things You Learned About Sales and Coaching

If you want to succeed in this day and age to sell your healing and coaching at a respectful price, listen up!

This article, and also all of my videos, FB lives and social media posts sell my bestselling programs... Before I sold my stuff online I did local workshops and meetups... either way, crashing every possible rule of selling from stages or FB.

A quick reality check first: how is all that you personally learned and applied about your sales process and enrollment calls had been working for you so far?

How sure are you about closing a 5-figure sale?

How do you feel in a process?

Do you like sales?

Let's help you today to clarify WHY the things you have in your hands now are giving 'sales' a bad name.


Long calls.

Feeling like a fraud.

And how do you think your prospect feels? like a kid in a candy shop?

You wish! :)

Do you need help with selling yourself as a coach?

If your answer is yes, watch this video and take notes.

After you finished, seriously, make a change in how you do sales from now on.

Obviously, if all that I talked about resonates and inspires you to MASTER YOUR SKILLS of marketing and sales with me, join my Empathic Sales Mastermind.

All details are here:

Author: Lira Kay

Lira Kay is an international bestselling author, founder of School Of Inspired Life, a professional training center for expert coaches and healers to become world-class and in high demand.

Her most popular one year programs Advanced Coaches and Healers Certification and Founders Lounge help successful coaches and thought leaders launch their own schools and academies and creates a solid foundation for a 7-figure transformational business.

After traveling the world Lira lives in Hawaii with her husband and their 5 daughters. You can learn more about Lira’s work at

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