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Feminine Home Office Ideas for Transformational Coaches and Therapists

Hey, time for a serious makeover! Let’s find your second breath and start a new chapter in business and in life.

Creating a beautiful inspiring space to work in is a must!

I love using Feng Shui ideas when it comes to my home. I use different elements to act as subconscious reminders on me being on my path to prosperity, love and success.

So let’s begin.

Tip N 1 - Balance of elements.

Make sure you have Fire, Water, Metal, Wood and Earth represented in your room. It’s not even so important where you will place these element, just make sure you are balanced in that.

I have candles and flowers in my office for the Fire and the Wood. And my laptop and phone represent metal, and terracotta vases or crystals bring in the Earth. You getting the gist.

It all begins with a good energy! Agreed?

Tip N 2 - Calendars and Schedules.

After all you are running a business… and you are probably naturally quite creative and spontaneous. Kind of a Free Spirit, right?!

I know, before starting my coaching business I was an artist, a spiritual healer and a teacher. I travelled the world with my 5 kids… Learning discipline and keeping up with the BIG BIZ plan wasn’t easy for me.

So in my office (especially at the beginning of my business) I had a specific business plan and a schedule right on my wall.

The tip here is to make it official. Instead of using some random notes here and there, get a beautiful wall calendar and be proud of being a boss mama!

Tip N 3 - Be camera ready.

Yes, we live in a new world. Zoom and live-streaming is a normality. This is how we run a business in 2022.

Your home office studio doesn’t need to break a bank…

I tell you a secret, for the whole years of running my business I was always planning to invest into some fancy equipment… but guess what! I never had to.

DIY videos get better engagement. Mobile phones got better than any pro-cameras at going ‘live’ and editing videos.

So what I have is a good light, a $20 tripod and a… well, that’s it, really.

And my clients come to me through watching my videos - that’s a $20,000 paid in full sale in 30 min with a cold lead from a shabby phone video anyone can do.

If you want to know what is it that I say in those videos join my group here and see for yourself.

Tip N 4 - Be camera ready, part 2.

Have a set of outfits and your makeup kit nearby.

The part of the attraction of having an online business is to be able to work in your PJs.

…But, you still need some tops and shirts + jewelry + makeup… though new Insta filters make our work so much easier.

(Did you notice how ridiculously big your lips get with these filters - I can’t use them for that reason :)))) - it’s just makes me lough).

But seriously, if you have a closet in your home office, select your clothes and have them ready for your Zoom meetings and video recording sessions. Little bonus tip here: pick colors that suit you, avoid black, white, patterns and lace.

Tip N 5 - Dance and fitness breaks.

Whatever gets your juices going and gets you stand up and move.

My clients report that before they learned from me how to run their business in 2 hrs per day, they worked 9-10 hrs straight… that’s horrific…

You’d think if you work so much, you would be a millionaire! But now… whatever the heck they did didn’t pay much. That’s why they ended up in my group. Of course.

Watch testimonials and case studies here to see how my client create a true life-style business instead of buying into the hustle… (no ads or funnels involved in my model)

So back to dancing and yoga breaks. Yes, you need to drink water and move. You know that. So make sure you can do that and have it scheduled at in your calendar daily.

Do you need a yoga matt or a Bluetooth ready to go.

And… the winner is…

Tip N 5 - have a chair or a couch for your buddy. Is your home office love-friendly?

I know that you are probably completely obsessed with your stuff, and barely have time to focus between the school runs and house chores… but, being family-friendly inside your office will do you good.

Business often becomes an escape from the usual daily ‘boring AF’ life. Men disappear in their man-cave, women ‘work on’ business empire.

But reality is, if you don’t have somebody to share your success with, you won’t be so motivated to go for it. So, don’t be afraid of intimacy and let them in.

My husband is also working from home…

I used to be so annoyed for him to come in and interrupt… Well, two year into my business we almost split because he gave me an ultimatum - I was a workaholic and cared for strangers more than I did for him and our kids… at least that what it felt like to him.

Obviously I changed my business model - basically learned how to do HIGH END (not the same as a high ticket client attraction funnel sold to you by ClickFunnel affiliates) and I made sure I’m not working on weekends and have our love-breaks, (not what you think, though, some times that’s too ; Mainly just chats and check ins) regularly during my work day.

If you are curious about my business model - I came up with a name for it - a reputation-based coaching business - watch a training on that here.

So here are my five special tips to set up a feminine home office and create a beautiful balanced life style as well as highly profitable business this year.



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