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School Of Inspired Life

a training center for advanced coaching and business skills and a publishing house for transformational and educational books and resources

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We offer books of affirmations tailored to fuel both faith and ambition, serving as invaluable resources for individuals on their journey to phenomenal success and fulfillment.


But our mission goes beyond just publishing books; we're also committed to providing top-notch training and support for coaches and therapists looking to elevate their practice to completely new heights.

"With God all things are possible" - Matthew 19:26

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hey Superstar! 
It's Time!

  • Let God's plan for you unfold, at last.

  • Design your business to fuel your life and inspire your spirit.

  •  Launch or grow your own academy, school or certification and stand out in the over-saturated market.

  • Position to sell 5-figure group masterminds and 6-figure VIP or corporate programs.

  • Create evergreen products and programs fast for sustainable profits and reoccurring income streams. 

Lira Kay Testimonial

"Lira Kay is absolutely a phenomenal Life & Business Coach. Both her depth, consistency, engagement, killer psychotherapeutic and coaching skills and her talent to truly convey and transmit knowledge and savoir-faire are priceless. I love the fact that Lira has lived on all continents, speaks multiple languages, is a trained psychotherapist and on top raised 5 kids, created a strong and happy marriage and literally is living the life of her dreams. She walks her talk, she knows her stuff like no other and is inspiring and transforming others wherever she goes. I highly highly recommend Lira! Thank you Lira for all that you are sharing, giving and teaching us!"


Alexandra Indaco-Heredia M.B.A.

UNESCO Open Frame Award for Representing Human Rights in Film. 

BERLINALE TALENT CAMPUS - Documentary Director's Talent Campus selectee. 

Dick Scherpenzeel Award for Excellence in Journalism of North-South Relations.

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Wrapped Gift


Sign up to receive a free PDF copy of the "I am a Blessing, a Favor and a Gift" book when it's ready for publication.

Ask and it's given to you! 

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Do You

 Want to Be Featured?


with  Lira Kay

Each year, we have the privilege of featuring the Top 100 leaders in the personal development industry, as well as individuals from diverse backgrounds who share their testimonies and inspire people around the globe with their personal journey to faith. If you have a transformational story to share, we invite you to apply to speak and be a part of our interview series. This is an opportunity to give back to the community and be a part of a movement that promotes positivity and personal growth through healing and faith. Subscribe for details.

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Take a Free Training

Want an easy entry into learning with me? I’ve got you covered. Get some of my top trainings for free.

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The Powerful Healing Process My Client Used to Make a $71K Month as a Newbie Coach and closing a 6-figure coaching deal (No Ads, Funnels or Money Mindset Work Involved).


A Minimalist Business Strategy My PhD Client Was Using to Go From Being a $100/hr Personal Fitness Coach to Selling a $100K Transformational Program.

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Regaining Power After Loosing Her Identity to Go On & Create a Solid Foundation for a 7-figure Business Empire Working with Lira.


Phenomenal results!
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Apply for an Admissions Interview and check out my Advanced High Performance and Transformational Certifications and Training Programs

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You've already made a decision to step up your game and courageously embrace your incredible future, and you want the best support you can get. 

Start with my in-depth articles and videos designed to expand your ambitions and dreams and inspire you to do it together. With motivation and commitment like yours you better get it right from the start!

I want you to have complete faith in yourself, your work and your future.

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