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Father, you are the cornerstone of my work, the solid foundation upon which I build my business. You are my source of inspiration, the mastermind behind my skills and everything I observe. I seek your blessings upon the work of my hands. May your kingdom flourish and thrive through the endeavors of my enterprise.

Faith & Business

Welcome to School Of Inspired Life! Imagine feeling inspired and successful again.


Imagine having unshakable faith and courage to step out of your predestined path - an early retirement or forever dull and passionless grind. 

We believe that faith has the power to transform not only your personal life but also your business trajectory.

By embracing the uncharted territory of faith-driven entrepreneurship you are making an important paradigm shift that can revolutionize industries and leave an indelible impact on society.


Join our Business and Life Midjourney program today, and let faith become the driving force behind your business success, creating a ripple effect that goes beyond the bottom line.


Dare to envision a future where faith and business intertwine, and watch as you become a trailblazer in your field, with proven track record of success, holistically happy, joyful and immensely fulfilled. 

Business & Faith

Business & Faith
Mid-Journey Course

This is a practical step by step implementation plan that strategically leads you to finding your second breath in business and in life.

Even though you worked hard, you never quite got what you envisioned for yourself when you first started. 

Where did it all go? The drive, the motivation, risk taking, daring, dreaming!? 

In the next 4 weeks we will focus on taking specific action. This program is based on my 34 years experience of working and leading thousands of people to show up to the table with not only unshakable confidence and faith, but with tangible visible results. We skip the fluff and get straight to work!

God who had never left you, is waiting patiently to bless you, and heal your trust, in yourself, in people, and in Him, your powerful Father, your loving Creator, your Savior and Lord. 


Take action even if you failed in the past.

Fuel your buisness with your accelerated faith. 

If it’s not now, then when?!

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