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Teach Your Skills - Share The Wealth

Launch Your Own Academy, School or Certification This Year!

Create a Ripple Effect - Give Back - Leave a Legacy

  • Transition from 'provider' to a Mentor and Master Teacher.

  • Share your vast inside knowledge and experience in the field.

  • Become an ultimate go-to professional training center in your industry.

  1. You are phenomenal at what you do

  2. Your reputation precedes you

  3. You’ve been asked to coach and teach your skills already

  4. You are ready to become a highly paid mentor and take on talented students and teach them all you know

Is it TIME for you to:

Launch your own Academy, School or Certification

Transition from a Master into a Mentor

Add a Training Center to your company

Run 5-figure Masterminds, Apprenticeships and Online Courses

School Of Inspired Life (SOIL) runs many comprehensive programs to help outstanding experts transition into teaching their skills and stand out as a professional training center in their industry.

Here's what we know is required for you to succeed at this new type of business:

New Mindset - thinking like an entrepreneur - new business model, new rules, new goals.

New Brand - compete in a skills training industry, stand out with your special approach.

New You - free yourself from hustle and bustle of 'dong the work', make 10-20 times as much - give yourself most needed permission to relax, live as you wish, and love yourself and your family. It's just about time!

This new Business Model will demand you to MASTER these new skills:

Teaching - launch your own skills training center, curriculum, programs based on your unique methodology - become a Master Coach and Teacher - raise your reputation and your fees as an expert in demand.

Marketing - take your work to masses, create a ripple effect, single out the most talented students to fill up your masterminds and apprenticeship programs - become a Personal and Professional Brand - start your own educational channel

Online sales - create and sell specialized online courses, consistently attract new students and create steady revenue streams - automate most of your business and live your life by design.

Are YOU Ready to Launch Your Own

Academy, School or Certification?

1 Your fees are not reflecting your outstanding expertise and experience in your field -

let’s get you to be officially world-class and in high demand and get you paid accordingly.

My clients learn how to charge 10-20 times as much for their work, go from hugely over-qualified and under-paid, to wildly recognized, respected, and financially rewarded.

Dr Sofia Beloka, went from selling $150/hr gym sessions to closing a $100,000 private coaching contract.

Sofia is a Greek, lives in Belgium. When she joined our program, she had PhD and a big list of degrees and certifications, but living in a hustle of selling personal trainings sessions in her local gym. She worked late hours, volunteering and trying to prove herself in the academia and sports industry, without any financial and professional rewards. She was one of a kind, in the men's work, smart, dedicated, but not progressing fast or far enough.

In two years with School Of Inspired Life Sofia had raised her fees, wrote and published a book, started working with celebrities and politicians, became an international speaker and launched her own Influencers Academy.

She teaches her holistic high-performance methodology to students, and works privately with exclusive highly motivated clients. She travels the world, living her dream life, happily married and fulfilled.

She asked me to say to everybody, "No matter where you are coming from, you can achieve anything!".

You must understand, that not everybody will start charging $100K fees (it really depends on you personally)... but about 90% of our live Mastermind students start selling 10X the price in a matter of weeks.

We teach you how to make money first, so you can invest in launching your brand and scaling your business later.

With us you will gain courage to charge your worth, learn to position and package your unique skillset.

2 You need to dramatically cut down on working hours

- stop trading your precious time for your basic income.

There’s only that many people you can physically serve - instead you can teach them HOW you do it via online curriculum and provide space to practice and improve their skillset within a group.

The ripple effect you'll create is your LEGACY in the world!

You can transition or add to your one-on-one work:

  • expert VIP training days,

  • 5-figure masterminds,

  • conferences,

  • live events and workshops,

  • business and professional retreats,

  • corporate contracts,

  • international speaking engagements

Possibilities are endless in how you can bring value to hundreds, thousands of people at once.

You understand that your have a great advantage over your competitors, colleges and academia - they offer all theory, no practice or real life experience in running your own business successfully selling your skills - while YOU have been in the trenches and can help your students leverage your practical expertise in the field.

As you launch your own academy or school you can license your IP (unique methodology) and run your own one-year certification programs, giving your students what a traditional educational system lacks and can never promise.

With SOIL you will define your method and curriculum. learn to run professional workshops, business retreats, sell online courses - and create a massive ripple effect and retire from the hustle & bustle of doing the work - you deserve to focus on yourself and your family, while your knowledge and experience makes an impact without you being there.

What Else It Means

You don’t just teach your skills and how to run a business, but you are also showing your students how to live as a Master of your Art - you will be their role model.

We remember great teachers, we learn from them... and not just what they say, but who they are.

You will lead your students not just professionally, but become their coach and mentor for LIFE.

  • Your students will learn how to succeed in the industry, how to overcome hurdles and keep strong.

  • How to master themselves as well as their skills.

  • How to respect their mastery, you'll show them where the skills you teach them can take them in life.

  • You will inspire them to grow and innovate, be creative, not just masterful. Build upon the giants and make your own mark!

Do you see yourself as such Mentor, Teacher and Leader?

Then let's do The SOIL Founders Lounge Assessment:

  1. Are you highly successful at what you do?

  2. Do you have an outstanding reputation as an expert?

  3. Have you been asked to mentor and teach?

  4. Are you ready to raise your fees and charge accordingly for your experience and expertise?

  5. Do you have a line-up of students waiting for you to teach how you do it?

If you answer is YES, then pick your style:

We cant't wait to support you to live your new dream!

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