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How to Choose Your Life Coach Certification

I am celebrating YOU!

You had gone through your own healing and transformation, worked with a coach, changed your life! That’s huge!

Now you want to pay it forward. Help others to do the same.

Some people come to coaching through overcoming their own personal struggle and others through a successful 9-5 career, where they were naturally coaching and training people. However you decided to take this new career path, here’re 3 crucial things you need to know as you choose yourself a certification to invest in.

Number 1: do you need certification to charge for coaching? The honest answer is no.

What you actually need is a skillset to get results for your clients and the actual clients to coach. Coaching school don’t teach any of it.

Typical coaching certification teaches you how you can use your ‘soft skills’, which you typically are already good at.

Or they teach you a modality - which is a toolkit rather than a skillset.

To get results for clients you would most likely use all different modalities, depending on your client’s needs and personality types.

And… typical coaching schools tell you to work with your peers and pro-bono clients… you will never know what working with the real paid coaching client would actually feel like. I tell you a secret, people who pay $10,000, or even $2,000 for coaching want different RESULTS, they have different standards.

Reality is, in this 16 billion dollar industry 67% of coaches close down their shop within a year from certifying from a coaching school. Out of the remaining coaches, only 10% manage to make $30 per year. If you want to be the rare 1% who get to 6-figures, you need to think and act differently!

Number 2: if traditional coaching schools don’t guarantee a successful business, then what should you personally do?!

I recommend these 3 steps:

  1. Package your skillset, talents and intuitive gifts you already have into an offer they can’t refuse.

  2. Start working with real high paying clients as soon as possible. My clients dive right in and get paid 5-figures for coaching programs - the secret is in making the right promise and the right offer to the right people ready to buy.

  3. Investigate what is behind the scenes of any successful coaching business - it’s more than investing in ads and funnels, (In fact, that’s the last thing you need to do as a beginner coach), it’s much more than posting inspirational quotes and doing livestreams on instagram (my clients and I are calling it ‘working for ‘likes’), it’s more than paying for PR, get on TEDx, becoming an Amazon bestseller or starting a podcast, (though these things might help later on).

Do you want to see how I get my clients to sign a high end client in just a few days in my mastermind? My clients come to coaching from all walks of life, transitioning from 9-5, feeling stuck in academia or being-stay-home-moms ready to start an easy online business.

Watch testimonials and case studies here and get inspired - make this your most fulfilling and most profitable year yet!

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