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How To Become a Coach: All You Need to Know

Remember: to succeed you need to ask a better question?

In this 16 billion dollar personal growth and coaching industry 67% of coaches close down their shop within a year from certifying from a coaching school. Out of the remaining coaches, only 10% manage to make $30 per year.

The 6-figure coaches make only 1% of the whole industry. 7-8-figure coaches aren't really coaching any more. You are seeing their ads everywhere that’s why you think their way of doing business is the most common one.

But it’s can’t be further from the truth.

Ads and funnels is a fairly new thing in coaching and is not suitable for a beginner coach without big audience or a massive marketing budget.

So what will YOU do?

The better question to ask is: how to become a successful coach?

Here’s what I learned from taking my clients from newbie to a pro - pro - meaning prosperous



right from the start.

1 Pick a specialty and a niche in your genius zone that answers your (organic/natural/easy) market’s most urgent need.

2 Focus on developing your skillset to get results for clients.

3 Pick a perfect for you business model.

4 Market to get premium clients, not working for ‘likes’ or for ‘claps’.

Watch a testimonials and a case studies to show you how my clients sign celebrities and high level CEOs from their FB Lives as soon as we tweak their marketing message. (I took that particular client from charging $100/hr to $100,000 per program).

My personal experience with running an easy 6-figure coaching business and teaching my clients to the same:

  1. You can start coaching if you had coached with a great coach yourself - criteria - got amazing results and made a big return on your investment in coaching.

  2. Focus on getting clients and actually getting paid - working with a real paying client is what will make you a great coach - not practicing with pro-bono peers.

  3. Charge premium from the start to attract the best clientele - don’t over-promise, focus your niche, offer something extra valuable.

Do you want to see how I get my clients to sign a high end client in just a few days in my mastermind? My clients come to coaching from all walks of life, transitioning from 9-5, feeling stuck in academia or being-stay-home-moms ready to start an easy online business. Watch testimonials and case studies here and get inspired - make this your most fulfilling and most profitable year yet!

You deserve it!

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