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Healing Fatherless Mothers - Breaking the Pattern of Unrealized Potential

Why healing is so important as you are building your business? Old childhood patterns need to be released, so you won't sabotage your own wellbeing and ability to make money.

Statistics show that over 30% of our children are growing up with a single mother. That had been my experience as well.

Today's topic is about women entrepreneurs who had been brought up without their fathers. What kind of issues they might experience in life and in business.

Watch the workshop and take notes. I hope you will shed some light on what specifically needs to be healed for you. If you want to work on your mindset and heal yourself in a context of getting phenomenal results in your business, apply to speak with me here.

Healing childhood trauma to do with her father had prompted one of my clients, Maria, to go from investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in business and getting no sales to making $71,0000 in a month. Watch her testimonial here.

There's many testimonials on that page - and every one of my beautiful clients had done a healing process with me in order to achieve their success in business.

Another one, Sofia, had healed issues with her mother and went on from selling $100/hr sessions to selling $100,000 coaching programs. The healing session that led to her first breakthrough helped her to quadruple her fees. She started creating marketing that would attract high level prospects. 6-figure sales can be only closed from a place of true empowerment. Healing is what can do that for you.

Of course, my clients get savvy business advise and advance their coaching methods and tools, develop and improve their skills in marketing and sales, get help with creating a bulletproof programs people want to invest in... but without healing processes I give them all of these strategies wouldn't be implemented.

Maybe you can recognize yourself... having so many ideas and to-do-lists, but still feel stuck and not having the breakthroughs you'd expect from putting in so much work...

It could be that healing is exactly what you need to create a significant progress in your business.

Let me know if you need help.

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