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"Launch Your Own Academy Create a Global Brand..." 


Do Your Soul's Work!

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Changing The Lives Of Women 

Join the mission-driven entrepreneurs who are actively studying with School Of Inspired Life to get their programs and their message out to the world!

58,000 people around the world reached with the message of hope, healing and inspiration with our 111 Healers Conference.

What's A Founders Lounge...?

What Exactly Is The Difference Between A Coach And A Founder?


Without the HYPE 

what does it REALLY take to change the world and make a bank...

Founders Lounge Is A Massive Impact Builder For Gifted Women Entrepreneurs.


Yes, Founders Lounge was created so that driven women like you, who aren't business majors and who don't want to endlessly hustle, can easily build beautiful transformational business online!  Let me show you it works:  

  • My Aligned System TM to define your methodology and use high end business model using my 7 Spiritual Gifts System TM (so you don’t get exhausted and LOST in a daily grind and hustle and quit your business before it created a global deference).

  • Aquarian Marketing Business Model TM to create a massive ripple effect in the world by 'doing' YOU - turn your marketing from salesy to radically transformational!

  • Portals Of Wealth Advanced Skills and Spiritual Gifts Accelerator TM to focus your efforts on selling your OWN premium certification program - cut down on working hours and multiply your income. 

  • My Bestselling Focus Year Program TM for deep healing to transform you into a balanced, activated, high performer in all areas of your life - health, love, money and spirit. 

Entrepreneurial CONFIDENCE  an Original Idea that provides massive value and profits.


Personal Brand that inspires change, magnifies your impact and attracts a perfect audience.


Sales System

that cuts through the noise and converts audience into customers and clients

PERSONAL &  Spiritual Growth

that gives you joy and keeps your work creative, impactful and relative for years to come.

Founders Lounge Gives You The Tools and Environment You Need to Thrive as a Women, Leader and Entrepreneur!


Yes, Founders Lounge Gives You The Strategies You Need To Market, Sell, AND Deliver Your High End Transformational Mastermind and Products Online... and .... Accelerates Your Personal and Spiritual Growth with Healing and Mindset Tools Necessary for Success You Envision.

  • Align your spiritual gift, your purpose and your business!

  • ​Quickly transition into selling high-impact 5-figure Certification programs and craft and strategize your first $100K Contract!

  • ​Set up Smart Systems to simplify and focus your business flow!

  • Give yourself a much needed break from push and pull life-style - step into your greatness - live and serve from your Highest Potential - without self doubt or sabotage!

Create a 5-figure Program

based on your Method

In the moments of darkness I ask myself, who am I, this small little woman, to change the world and dream of a wealth and life-style way beyond my upbringing and circumstances... Then I look back and see how far I'd come... That is MY PATH - something I earned, something I lived.


METHODOLOGY is THAT... not a list of modalities or certifications you had, or a summary of tools and techniques you borrowed from your mentors to get started... 

Your biggest GIFT is inside of you and it is the GIFT that keeps giving - we'll show you how to make it a FOUNDATION for your transformational business. 

If you don't own your method - you will not bypass the typical (tiny) coaching fees or hustle-based business model most experts live. 

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Become an Innovative 

Leader and a Marketer

Influence equals impact and recognition… A status of a Thought Leader isn't created over night. In this day and age you won't get away with re-enforcing your brand with ads and 'tell your story' scripts... Teenagers make more money online than any of the marketing gurus you pay to...


Creative Innovative Independent thinking needs to become your second nature if you're set to dominate your market and make something of yourself.


There's no secret formula to million dollars.. no 'proven blueprint'... just a big wide world of ever-growing customers online!


Stop paying for your insecurities. Instead, walk your talk, become a true Role Model and awake your business intuition.  


Who told you, you need another magic webinar or sell-from-stages script? 

Embrace Sane Practical Approach to High End Sales

Have you ever multiplied your fees and heard yourself name your price with pride, integrity and confidence?

I hope so! 

(That means, you know your worth!)  

Now, do you want to dramatically improve your closing rate?

What that would do for you? For your family? 

For the clients you serve?

For the work that you do? 

People are tired of feeling like they're being sold... And businesses that do well online, like Amazon for example, had figured out a straight way to make consistent profits day in and day out. 

After investing over $150K of my own hard earned cash into learning from the BEST sales coaches in the industry (searching for that 'magic formula' they've promised, I've realized the answer to great business is transparency and generosity... (no, there's no secret words you'd say to push your stuff on people who don't need it or can't afford it). We treasure integrity and grace in marketing and sales. 

My clients who 10X their fees and start selling the next day, tell me they're surprised nobody had showed them how to do that before! 

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Accelerate Your Success!


Not Sure You Are Ready To Grow Your Small Coaching Practice Into a Global Transformational Brand?

Answer questions on the right and asses whether you are a great fit to join our Founders Lounge and accelerate your personal, professional and financial growth with us. 

If you answered YES to all of them, apply for your 14 day FREE TRIAL in our Founders Lounge and meet my superstar clients, making miracles happen behind the scenes of their transformational business empires.

"Business is a Spiritual Path, as it makes you heal and grow yourself, and allows you to make a huge impact as a result."

Lira Kay







Which Of These Best Describes You?

I've been doing my work for years and am a true self-made woman with great track record of success in my personal, professional and business life. I take 100% personal responsibility for my results.

I am a natural leader and create a ripple effect wherever I go. I've been always promoted and recognized for my contribution to the well being of others. My gift of transforming lives is obvious. 

I had done plenty of mindset and healing work, manifested my own abundance and have genuine life-wisdom to share. I don't buy into get rich quick schemes, and have confidence in my abilities to learn and implement stellar result-oriented strategies, until I get it right. 

I am determined to do transformational work... and would do my work even if I didn't get paid. I am born to make a huge impact, I feel the calling, and will not compromise living my purpose, no matter what. I'm not a quitter. 

I understand that I won't get to 10X my MPACT and INCOME with a bunch of online courses and another money mindset or a business diva manifesting coach out there, and I am ready to invest premium in me rapidly advancing myself and my business. 


Watch My Graduates:

In Less Than 10 Minutes, You Can Grasp HOW Founders Lounge Students Can Achieve So Much & So Fast...

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"This is truly the BEST program I have ever invested in!"


Faye Hurley - Self Worth & Success Mindset Expert

Need To Know MORE About What Founders Lounge Can Do For You?

Click Below To See More Detailed Information About These Powerful Features Inside Of Your Founders Lounge Portal:

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My personal laser coaching in the exclusive group of highly-motivated women leaders - Bi-weekly Live Mastermind with Lira Kay

My premier private community for on-going support and celebration with extra feedback and trainings - Founders Lounge

Cutting edge business building strategies and systems trainings and workbooks - Entire Portals Of Wealth Curriculum 

Powerful money and fame accelerating Challenges through out the year - $100K in 100 Days, 90 Days to Fame, Brand Uplevel. 

Try Founders Lounge For Free:

No obligations, no contracts before joining the Free Admissions Call!

  • Launch or grow your own academy, school or certification in the next 12 months.

  •  Quickly build organic sales systems that convert high end clients!

  •  Become visible and desirable to your ideal audience and clients.

  •  Speak on global stages and write a book to change the world.

  •  Create evergreen products and programs fast for sustainable profits and reoccurring income streams. 

Founders Lounge Gives You THE TOOLS and KNOWLEDGE You Need To Market, Sell and Deliver Your High End Transformational Masterminds and Products Online!

Can You See Why So Many Women Just Like You Are

Advancing Their Companies

with Founders Lounge?

Sold her first $10K coaching program in 4 weeks, signed a major book deal, spoke on TEDx, founded a life-changing movement and a powerful influencial brand.

Went from no sales (invested over $20K with other coaches) to doubling her income every week and selling coaching at $888/hr in 4 weeks on the program.

Lira Kay teaching hundreds of women experts how to charge over $1K/hr, be unapologetically yourself and live your life purpose at all times. 

Went from $100/hr personal trainer to selling a $100,000 Coaching Program, published a book, spoke on global stages and launched her own academy with Lira.

Made triple of what other coaches in her gym made and created a largely influential brand with Lira's Aquarian Marketing model. 

Published a book, became international speaker, launched her own foundation and became a inspiring leader in her community.

Went from selling $100/hr energy healing to selling a $10,000 Certification Program first week into Lira's program. In the next 3 weeks made her entire previous year income.

10 X her fees for hypnosis sessions. Launched her own academy, became a leading business coach in her area. Made her entire previous year income in just 2 months with Lira.

Learned the essentials of self-worth and pricing your work to build a legacy and make a massive impact in the world at Lira's international live event. 

**Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying clients of School Of Inspired Life programs. Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business model, and market forces beyond our control. Please note that Founders Lounge is not a business opportunity. Founders Lounge is a professional training program that helps coaching businesses position and sell their products and services online. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims, and you may not make your money back.**

Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

What happens after I applied for a free Admission Call?

You will receive an invitation to join a live Mastermind Call with Lira if you qualify to be in one the Founders Lounge programs. You'll get a zoom link and a PowerStarter Kit to prep you for the program.  

How do I qualify for a free Admissions Call?

You must fill out the application form and answer questions to tell us about your achievements and your goals for the next 12 months. Tell us if you are serious about joining one of the programs and whether you have finances to invest. 

Is it really a free call?

Yes. You will not pay anything to join the Live Mastermind Call ($2,000 Value) and get the PowerStarter Kit ($1,000 Value). You must qualify to join the free calll. 

How much do I have to be ready to invest if I am a great fit for the program and received an invitation to join?

You can pay in full for whichever program you choose and save significant fees and receive extra bonuses. 

Or make a 1 month deposit to start your program immediately. 

$2,000 monthly for the Founders Lounge. 

What will happen on the live Mastermind Call?

You will see me coach and train students in our selected group of powerful women transformational leaders and entrepreneurs. 

Then at the end you will talk about your takeaways and can ask me anything about my programs and bonuses. 

If you are a great fit, I'll make you an invitation to join. If not, I pinpoint you to the right direction suitable for your phase in business, if I can. 

Can I begin my SOIL programs with a smaller investment?

Yes. You can enroll on any of the SOIL courses in our SOIL Portal or subscribe to the Collective Membership.

Try Founders Lounge For Free:

No obligations, no contracts before joining the Free Admissions Call!

  • Launch or grow your own academy, school or certification in the next 12 months.

  •  Quickly build organic sales systems that convert high end clients!

  •  Become visible and desirable to your ideal audience and clients.

  •  Speak on global stages and write a book to change the world.

  •  Create evergreen products and programs fast for sustainable profits and reoccurring income streams. 

Founders Lounge Gives You THE TOOLS and KNOWLEDGE You Need To Market, Sell and Deliver Your High End Transformational Masterminds and Products Online!

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