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When All Had Failed - Edgy, NOT for the Fainted, Marketing Methodology for Transformational Coaches

Updated: Feb 18

Mediocre marketing puts you in a category of coaches who would do mediocre work. Yes, people judge you. Yes, they decide on the spot whether they want to hire you... or not. When you are carefully planning to squeeze in your sales pitch at the end... it's already too late. If in a first few seconds you aren't making sense, they're gone!

Today I am sharing my marketing model - Aquarian model - great for selling uber-high end... my clients go from $100/hr sessions to selling5- and 6-figure programs.

They have to speak differently if they want to pull it off.

They need to inspire respect.

Lead with integrity... because most of us are tired from BS online.

Demonstrate competence.

Be competent.

And, most importantly, be yourself - the one that gets paid for their expertise. not the one that uses cheap sales techniques to push their agenda.

Transformational marketing is a must.

Here's why...

About Lira Kay

Lira Kay is an International Bestselling author, Speaker, and a founder of the 111 Healers Conference, Meaningful Trends Project and the School of Inspired Life - a training center helping outstanding experts become world-class and in high demand.

Lira has been assisting people to transform their lives over 30 years. Her students had been successfully growing their businesses, launching their own academies, schools and certifications, elevating brands, charging 10-20 times as much as they charged before.

Her 111 Healers Project is reaching thousands of people across the globe with the message of healing and transformation. 111 Healers Conference gives a platform for healers from all over the world reach a global audience and share their tools and methods with public.

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