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The Millionaire Conjunction - Recognize Your Divine Timing in Business & in Love

Updated: Feb 18

As you know getting lucky is real when it comes to success!

Being at the right place at the right time is what often makes or breaks your chance of wealth, love and extraordinary life.

We pray for these miracles to occur... and we are afraid of them at the same time.


Because EVERYTHING will change!

And the more you are attached to your status quo the harder it is for you to open the gates to the new powerful and potent energy to come in.

God and angels are not going to hand your dollars or sort out your relationship troubles for you... but they will show you the doorway to opportunities and people who will move the needle forward.

My own life had given me so many miracles of love and abundance that I could have seemingly miss if only I didn't follow the signs and listened to my intuition.

One of the lessons I learned from my experience with receiving GIFTS from the Universe is to be brave enough to just go for it.

I often wander what would have happen if I didn't take that invitation to come to the trip... or connected with that random stranger at the party... if I missed that train... My dear soulmate relationships, husband, friends for life come from some coincidences that changed the whole trajectory of my life...

The fast courageous decisions I made in life that terrified my own closest and nearest, and even made me question my own sanity time to time, took me for a great spin, traveling the world, living in the most beautiful places on earth, working with amazing way out of my league people, as mentors and clients...

At all times I nurture and cultivate that golden-opportunity-bringing side of me - rooted in faith of goodness and abundance of the Universe... rooted in goodness of people... and my own worthiness and wisdom.

I invite you to bring forward great evidence of Universe and your intuition working for you. Remember, recognize, be grateful for the signs and hints you see around you. The more you notice the more your life becomes magical.

There's time for persistence and hard work, practicality and strategic focus in your business... and there's time for Divine Intervention to take place.

Your job as a great spiritual entrepreneur is to understand and accept that.

What Does It Mean to Launch Your Own Academy

You don’t just teach your skills and how to run a business, but you are also showing your students how to live as a Master of your Art - you will be their role model.

We remember great teachers, we learn from them... and not just what they say, but who they are.

You will lead your students not just professionally, but become their coach and mentor for LIFE.

  • Your students will learn how to succeed in the industry, how to overcome hurdles and keep strong.

  • How to master themselves as well as their skills.

  • How to respect their mastery, you'll show them where the skills you teach them can take them in life.

  • You will inspire them to grow and innovate, be creative, not just masterful. Build upon the giants and make your own mark!

Do You See Yourself as Such

Mentor, Teacher and Leader?

Then let's do The SOIL Founders Lounge Assessment:

  1. Are you highly successful at what you do?

  2. Do you have an outstanding reputation as an expert?

  3. Have you been asked to mentor and teach?

  4. Are you ready to raise your fees and charge accordingly for your experience and expertise?

  5. Do you have a line-up of students waiting for you to teach how you do it?

If you answer is YES, then pick your style:

Self Study Mastermind Apprenticeship

We cant't wait to support you to live your new dream!

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