• Lira Kay

Magic and Devotion

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

My space is a space of magic and devotion.

It had worked for me. Big Time.

When I looked back at myself to see, what in the earth I could have done differently, my kind of a Groundhog Day, I realized, I could have been more present or realistic, oppose to magical, and, also, random, meaning, not looking to be structured or contained with discipline and practice.

The funny thing is, either way, I would be preaching exactly what I preach now: the discipline of service.

When you play with the elements of your existence, or what had made you, you, you will realize, that your path happen to be inevitable.

Don't ask me why.

I actually don't know.

I just noticed.

With people I work with, with my family members, my parents, my siblings and my own children (I have 5, yes, five, of them), what I see, is the inevitability of their purpose.

We all realize ourselves whether we want it or not, or whether we are conscious of it or not. We just do.

I hope this brings you peace.

Peace is a good starting point.

Peace is a good condition to conceive a new path.

New Path.

Is it possible?

I am on the mission to find out.

When you want to renew yourself, don't fall into the trap of rebellion.

You'll just encounter your own shadow. Really, there's nothing so new about that.

Try to meet new people, do new things, feed yourself new delicatessens.

Try to get out of your house, your country, your daily routine, however adventurous.

Let yourself experience drama, see yourself triggered and reactive.

Smile and write down what you had observed... all those new sides of you.

Birthing a new reality is an interesting process.

Let me be on your side.

I live for REBIRTH.

That is my new quest.

I like the whole concept and I am looking for companionship.

Let's collaborate!

Click to qualify.

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