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Does Shame Prevents You From Speaking Your Truth

One day we all have our own personal visit from Kali. Endings and beginnings of karmic vows.

The old must be released so the new can enter.

I'll get straight to the point, shame had been preventing me from playing fully in for years. And there were layers of truth I had to uncover and expose in order to stop living in fear of being found out.

I had many popular social media posts and one of the most profound was about revealing the ugly truth about me to the public. It took enormous amount of inner work and courage to do that.

Confessions are as dramatic as they can be.

Other people are typically involved. The whole web of conspiracy and the whole circle of life built on fear and lies.

When I decided to expose the behind .

the scenes of my personal, very personal, life I didn't know what reaction I would get. I imagined the worst. My truth-bomb post led people to tell truth about themselves. The ugly, human, sad, inglorious truth...

And nobody came after me with a pitchfork and crucified me for who I truly am.

We can identify with our shame and then no one will see the light that we also carry.

Desire to look and be perfect is a desire of the frightened powerless Child inside of us, our ego, that doesn't trust people to have light inside of them... that denies spiritual origin of all of us here on the planet earth.

If you are curious here is the post and the comments I got from it:

"What is the worse thing that can happen to you? Or had it already happen and this is why you can not forgive yourself and it shows in everything you do?

So here is how to deal with it. Make it public...

When I was training as a psychotherapist we discussed all the ways you can heal somebody from a post affect of severe abuse... the answer was: to talk about it... to realize it is safe to be you even with your guilt and shame and what else you had told yourself you are after what happened...

I have many of these incidences where I would look at myself and say, because of this I don't deserve happiness, or ease, or money... There was no abuse... but some trivial things you may shrug your shoulders about and say...so what! But here we are!

Both, my father and my daughter don't speak with me... (coincidently, both didn't approve of me forcing them to grow up and out of their drama...) I miss them both and looking back, would have made it extra clear to them how much I love them, despite...)

I gave up art because I was living in the clouds...and, boy, was I really! My efforts didn't match my outcomes... It was painful and so liberating... but only now can I see how my path led me to my true calling... at the time I felt like a failure.

Deep down I have superiority complex, and in combination with feeling like an imposter I often am really surprised when people admire or follow me... I attribute my success to so much work that I do and how much I give... and neglect to see the true beauty of my soul just as it is.

So here!

The consequence of letting go of your scary secrets is fearless unapologetic and oh so humble service from the depth of your soul... I have NOTHING to hold me back. I forgive myself for judging... and I move on because I have WORK TO DO and LIFE to LIVE"

What I've written in that post just scratched the surface.

I left out some other facts... my separation from my husband over his crash on my daughter, his step daughter... the pain of seeing my two older kids go through suicide attempts and tackling bi-polar, anxiety and depressions, bulling after sexual assaults

at high school... My reunion with my husband and learning forgiveness and love without being delusional (like my daughter would say).... The guilt and worry I lived with... The fear... The restrictions and limitations myself and my family put upon ourselves, hiding the truth from the world. For years...

All of this is my distant past and is still a part of me.

What inspires or forces me to peal off yet another layer of truth is a big health scare I just had. Symptoms of my next level spiritual awakening. My body needing to liberate from the burden of shame, fear, unworthiness. Working hard only to deserve to feel ok. Unhealthy blockages of self sacrifice that kept me anemic and not being able to receive. Spiritual, emotional, physical cleanse waiting to happen.

Not a stone left unturned. Not a speckle of doubt in grounding into what it means to be truly human.

This time it's not about forgiveness or self love, or 'limiting beliefs' (whatever that is)... it's about moving on. It's about accepting reality once again and dealing with consequences of karmic seeds I, we all, had planted.

What this made me realize that spiritual teachers are just people like everybody else.

That is the point!

My father, a famous artist and a guru... had fallen from his grace... I remember seeing the same people who worshipped him throw a stone or two at him when he was down. I remember coming to college, when his name was in all of the papers and his private affrays made the news... head down, deeply ashamed... not of the truth... but of the flake nature of fame, people, superiority... Nothing teaches you humility as much as seeing all of the attributes of the external power taken away in a matter of days.

My father had never recovered.

I live with awareness of temporality and fragility of all things human.

What prompted me to write this article is the words I heard my husband say:

"None of us, especially not me, can truly fly free, as we are afraid, that when we are famous, people will find out the truth about us..."

I so disagree.

A true leadership is to lead with authenticity and integrity, with all that you are, the good the bad and the ugly.

People don't want to see a polished YOU.

They want to know HOW you live with yourself, how you still breathe, sleep, create, teach and love, with all of your heart, even after what you had been through...

Even what you had put others through, as the ONE with position and responsibility to affect lives. When you might have been on your path of learning, accepting, and misusing that responsibility... and coming out from the deep end of suffering through guilt, shame and denial.

Let today be the day you stop living in shame.

I told you my story because I know you are living the same exact truth.

I had long given up thinking I am so special in my pain... or in my enlightenment.

If anything, I am here to teach how to be truthful just a bit better than yesterday.

It ain't pretty... but it is so worth it.

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Author: Lira Kay Lira Kay is an international bestselling author, founder of School Of Inspired Life, a professional training center for expert coaches and healers to become world-class and in high demand. Lira started her life coaching business 7 years ago and successfully led many transformational programs, such as 90 Days to Love, Be Phenomenal: Mindset To Empower, $10K From Monday To Friday and a $100K in 100 Days Challenge. Her most popular one year programs Advanced Coaches and Healers Certification and Founders Lounge help successful coaches and thought leaders launch their own schools and academies and creates a solid foundation for a 7-figure transformational business. After traveling the world Lira lives in Walnut Creek, CA with her husband and their 5 daughters. You can learn more about Lira’s work at www.schoolofinspiredlife.com



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