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Binge-watch: 100k, 36k, 5k Last Week's Clients’ Results in the Midst of the Pandemic & Lockdowns

Updated: Feb 18

Ok, I'll be transparent, I am giving you this spread of my 2020/21 marketing videos, so you can see how I think about business, money and results and make a decision to work with me. There's no other agenda.

Before you begin with diving into my stuff, watch this short testimonial, recorded on one of my masterminds from a beautiful client, now doing her third program with me - she got results and made cash to enroll on my program from watching my marketing.

I don't withhold anything when I show up - I don't care if it's a marketing piece or my $100K VIP program, you'll get the same me. I am here to facilitate a TRANSFORMATION worthy of your attention and time... You only pay for the personal access - my energy, my determination to get you results is always the same. This is why it works.

Another transparency WARNING:

2020 became a transformational year for my family.

These FB lives bellow were streamed from various houses in Hawaii where I personally decided to escape after my husband was laid-off from his job first 3 months into pandemic.

We needed time off. We had enough of the political vibe in California, (there was a young girl shot by the police on the demonstration in my own sleepy little suburban town).

Kids were going crazy from zoom-schooling.

I hadn't hosted my usual Sunday lunches with my older daughters who lived their own lives with their boyfriends.

We haven't seen any of our friends for ages...

We had nothing to loose. We needed a space to think.

And, yes, I have to mention, I just failed horribly with my investments in scaling my 6-figure business into a 7-figure business empire.

I poured all of my money - you don't want to know how much!!! into a seemingly reputable ad agency, all the necessary funnels and apps, and a couple of famous scaling coaches I worked with for 2-3 years now.

All for nothing - no sales made from that investment. Since then I unenrolled from all of the ads' and funnels' gadgets, got rid of that monstrosity of a word-press membership website, stopped paying the Infusionsoft and all the other terribly confusing apps, and fired all the teams 'doing the work' for me.

My moral was pretty low at the time - I felt like a failure and a fool.

I decided to continue serving my clients, my usual number is around 10-12 people per year, and postpone with launching another program until I figure out what went wrong. In some insider trainings I shared my lessons learned with my clients. Luckily my organic reputation-based business model was still working!

Then, shit hit the fan!

On the arrival to HI we were reported for breaking a quarantine as we walked across the street from the dump of an airbnb and an owner who lied about her listing. I know people are desperate to make any money, but she was plain wrong and we had to pay the price.

Yes, me, the model citizen, religiously wearing a mask, playing by all the rules, isolating for months! now had been handcuffed, have taken a mugshot, fingerprinted, and even sat in a jail for 15 min while they were processing my bailout money. There were thousands of tourists and locals prosecuted that week. We became just another statistic.

Then I was cyber-bullied by the locals on the internet, hundreds of negative reviews for my typically 5-star business, personal threats to me and my family. I checked who ARE these people so eager to destroy my reputation and livelihood - well, just sad, but understandable - people are so scared to be ostracized by their own community - they loose the sight of their humanity and their common sense.

Hey, I now became an expert on SEO and how to recover from an online attack! No hard feelings.

Then I almost drowned in a riptide. Yep, full-blown panic attack and a short-lived PTSD that opened me to a completely new understanding of trauma and methods to heal that. You'll see one of the videos here dedicated to healing PTSD in business. Great stuff, I was told.

Then came The identity crisis after my client's $100,000 sale. I felt like I am done! Nothing to prove. Yes, I did that. But now what!

Then a million-dollar breakthrough for my husband.

His identity crisis. Surfing. Painting. Book published.

My third daughter moving out to go to college back in CA. Only two babies left home. A little family unit we never had. My first three daughters were from my first marriage. You probably heard the tragic story of how that ended. My husband couldn't wait to have me for himself.

Family dynamics, hey!

What else... of course, a new layer of spiritual awakening. Powerful intuitive insights, (also responsible of a million made out of blue). Vivid dreams, past-life regressions, energy shifts, healing under the moonlight, swimming in the wide open ocean.

Big time thinking about what am I going to do next!?

I call that period a Sanatorium - finding my Second Breath. Many of my this year programs are hugely informed by my personal journey to love, wealth and happiness despite circumstances and doubts. Manifesting at its best.

My clients as usual, are creating PHENOMENAL RESULTS!

Watch case studies and testimonials here.

If you are inspired apply here to work with me.


Ok, here we go... in no particular order...

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Epic 7-figure intuition training in 20 min for my superstar clients. Wanna join dm me!

Apply for Admissions Interview with Lira


Lira Kay is a Transformational Artist, a Founder of Meaningful Trends Project and an LK Media Center.

She is a visionary creative producer and a world-leading expert on the collective consciousnesses.

She works with social archetypes, public figures, cultural role models, missionaries, artists, gurus and teachers.

She consults on original innovative personal development technologies and methods, and leads global public projects to bring people and communities healing, hope and transformation.

Lira has been called a secret weapon behind sanity and phenomenal success of many prominent social and creative enterprises and their CEOs.

She is an international speaker, a bestselling author and publisher.

You can learn more about her private work

Join her Public Meaningful Trends project

and take her Future Alpha Archetypes Quiz here

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