My Name Is Lira Kay

and I Am a Mentor and Collaborator.

AT THE END OF YOUR LIFE what would you be the proudest of? How hard you worked, how many hours of sleep or how many relationships you've sacrificed? What difference did your life really make?

I did not want to admit to myself I was avoiding showing up in my FULL POWER, even after being on my path of transforming people's lives for years  — it was truly painful to understand WHY. But No More!



" You are one of those naturally spiritually gifted carrying your gift with such ease and grace. "

—  Michael Gelb

Founder & President

High Performance Learning

After living through the loss of my first husband, a brilliant soul that never got to be realized, this question forever changed how I approach my life and my work. I don't have to remind myself that life is so short and EVERY minute counts!


If you take off the mask of confidence and truly look into your heart, you know that you had been stopping yourself from playing fully in . . . you feel the power of your own spirit and you are afraid.


I did not want to admit to myself I was avoiding showing up in my FULL POWER, even after being on my path of transforming people's lives for years  — it was truly painful to understand WHY.


But . . . it opened my heart to compassion, I stopped restricting myself and hiding. Out of love, I got over my small and fragile ego. Now, I only work through the power of my spirit, and I’m also showing my clients how to do the same so they can GET HUGE RESULTS (just look at their testimonials below).


If you want this too (right now!) then I’ll PERSONALLY speak with you and help pinpoint exactly where in your mission-driven business you can progress BIG TIME.

IMPORTANT: If you’re struggling to make it in business right now then this call won’t be of help… but if you’re at the level where playing small is your biggest problem, then we should speak.



12-Month Mastermind to launch your own academy, school or certification.

Define your IP (Intellectual Property) - your method and unique selling proposition - the basis of your winning program and curriculum. 

Position you to play a bigger game in the industry and be recognized as the top choice for your market.

Share your message globally, create a positive ripple effect wherever you go.

Write your book, speak on international stages, change lives and give back from the overflow of prosperity and love. 

Work within a new business model that impacts lives, restores your wellbeing and accelerates your spiritual and personal growth.

Includes Bi-Weekly Live Breakthrough and Implementation Group Sessions with Lira.

BONUSES (Value: $16,000)

Advanced Coaches and Healers Certification

Marketing From The Heart Program

Deep-Dive Authentic Sales Course

Focus Year - Spiritual and Personal Healing Program



3-Month Accelerator and your 3-Day VIP retreat to uplevel your brand from inside out and get your marketing assets done.

Define the future and direction of your work.

Completely align your business with your spiritual path and purpose.


Uplevel your personal brand to become a powerful authentic influencer playing on the global arena.

Uplevel your message and focus your market and your offers.


Strategize and systematize your visibility, marketing and sales.


Renew your energy and create a momentum for accelerated business and personal growth.

Includes an Accelerator Team strategy session to get your team perform at their best. 


BONUSES (Value: $35,000)

The 12 Portals Of Wealth Program and all of its bonuses

$100K in 100 Days Challenge

Spiritual Gifts Activation Program

How to Create Market and Sell 5-Figure Programs Course



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