Create a Sustainable 6-Figure Coaching, Healing or Consulting Business in 2 Hours per Day




You Get:

  • 12 Months of weekly  Live Mastermind Calls
  • Weekly emails with clear instructions and assignments (Video Trainings and Tools)
  • Workbooks and Exercises
  • Tool Kit to Start Your Coaching Business (Contracts, Proposals)
  • Private FB  with Community, Feedback and Q&A


Online Course on How to Create and Sell 5-Figure Coaching Programs
Summer Camp 2019
Life Coaching, Healing and Advancing
Online Course 

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Your Business Agenda for 12 Months with Me

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Here's what your year would look like with

my​ personal coaching, feedback, support and accountability within an amazing group of passionate high-achieving women like yourself:



Every week you will receive a clear step-by-step instructions and trainings on how to make all of the progress and achievements happen. 

Your job would be to implement all you learn and instructed to do. 


Your small tasks and assignments shouldn’t take more than 2 hours per day, 4 days per week. 

You will have weekly emails to keep you on track, reminding you of your next money making and progress-creating activities, keep you accountable and motivated to keep up the good work. 


What if you fall off the wagon and get distracted with life, relationships, mindset issues? 

What if you didn’t understand or got confused with how to move forward or implement your weekly tasks?

What if you are not sure whether what you are doing is right or wrong?

What is you got stuck in the analysis-paralysis phase and seem not to break through?


You will have me weekly personally answering your questions and giving you feedback in an inspiring group of expert women like yourself. 


You have a highly engaged facebook group with support and cheer-up from your peers.

I will also be doing monthly Deep Dive Trainings covering all of the mindset and business topics to help you grow spiritually as well professionally.

You will have access to the recordings of all of the sessions and trainings after they're done. 

Besides your Be Phenomenal group you will also have access to my Latest Online Course on How to Create, Market and Sell your 5-Figure Transformational Programs  and my most needed Summer Camp Healing Series that address every area of your life, giving you very specific and original tools and methods to progress and improve your life, health, relationships and self.  


Really, there’s no excuse to not be doing the work required for you to complete your program on time.  

Right now, ask yourself,

If you answer is YES!

I want to speak with you! Book that Admissions Call and let's talk it over.

Your Spiritual and Personal Growth

with Be Phenomenal Mastermind



Just like relationships or parenthood or a health journey, business is your opportunity to grow, heal and express yourself and make a difference in other people’s lives. You can experience courage, apply your intuition, your visionary gift. You can exercise self acceptance and radical self love, as well as master yourself, your energy, emotions, develop a mental focus, create a practice that elevates you, everything you create, and everybody you touch with doing your work. 

Being spiritual is to live the life of spirit. Remember who you are. Celebrate your humanness. Raise to your potential. 


Here are the 12 personal growth, healing and high impact topics

you will master over the 12 months coaching with me: 

Money and Business Mindset

Purpose and Alignment

Integrity and Higher Standards

Voice, Visibility and Soulmate Clients

Attraction and Magnetism

Boundaries and Generosity

Influence and Leadership 

Transformation and Playing Big

Authenticity and Mastery

Impact and Autonomy 

Creativity and Legacy

Identity and Spiritual Growth 

Where is what Lira's clients say about working with her and joining the School Of Inspired Life programs


Read and watch more testimonials here.

Nothing is separate.

What you do daily IS exactly what you are.


Every business task and assignment complete is a lesson in life learned.


You will walk your talk, grow into a true leader, a role model, who is an inspiration to others and is worth following. You will become a highly desirable coach not because you ‘overpromise’ and ‘undercharge’ (the pain of many coaches out there), but because your words match your actions and your results. 


Would that be an easy over night journey?

Obviously, not.


You will create your ease with my help.


Waking up every day and doing 12 things in your business 

(I was told to do that in my first marketing and business school - most business coaches and schools promote ‘hustle’, I don’t agree with that method) 

is not the same as mastering and perfecting 12 big things per year that will put your business on the map and yourself above competition. 


Having courage is a must.

Healing fear, powerlessness, confusion is what we will do together. 


Confidence is not found, or faked, it is earned.

You will make a conscious effort to create your success. 


And when you look back, do you see yourself doing it all by yourself?

I have no doubt!

But would you achieve it faster with the right mentor and support?

Would you enjoy building your business and growing yourself within a group of women just like you, obsessed with making a deference?


Ease, joy, life of purpose feels better when you are not alone.


Clarity, focus, doing the right thing, space to think and create, accountability and guidance is necessary.

And this is what Be Phenomenal Mastermind is all about.


Set an Admissions Call to start your monthly membership here! 


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Month Twelve

You will attend to your own beautiful self, your relationships and health. Attend to your own deeper healing and create a new level mindset. You will explore spiritual practice to raise your energy and get ready for the next phase of your business.