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the Mission to Heal & Elevate Humanity

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We help experienced outstanding coaches, healers and consultants launch their own Certifications, Academies and Schools.

Speakers, authors, experts wanted

The Wishlist of Every Speaker, Author, Expert:


Stop the Hustle - Awaken Your Next Level Service 

Transition to selling $10K-$100K Offers 

and 5-figure Yearly Masterminds


  • 30 Years Experience in Transformation, Therapy & Personal Growth

  • Track Record of Successful Clients Around the Globe

  • Happy Wife and Mother of Five Daughters

  • Best Selling Author and International Speaker

  • Awarded Woman Entrepreneur

Lira Kay Testimonial

"Lira Kay is absolutely a phenomenal Life & Business Coach. Both her depth, consistency, engagement, killer psychotherapeutic and coaching skills and her talent to truly convey and transmit knowledge and savoir-faire are priceless. I love the fact that Lira has lived on all continents, speaks multiple languages, is a trained psychotherapist and on top raised 5 kids, created a strong and happy marriage and literally is living the life of her dreams She walks her talk, she knows her stuff like know other and is inspiring and transforming others wherever she goes. I highly highly recommend Lira! Thank you Lira for all that you are sharing, giving and teaching us!"


Alexandra Indaco-Heredia M.B.A.

UNESCO Open Frame Award for Representing Human Rights in Film. 

BERLINALE TALENT CAMPUS - Documentary Director's Talent Campus selectee. 

Dick Scherpenzeel Award for Excellence in Journalism of North-South Relations.

Doing Your Soul's Work...

Is This YOU?

  • You had created meaningful connections and thriving communities, all is missing is a positioning that allows you to serve the masses, give back and take time off?

  • You are ready to transition from one-on-one-coaching model and become a global thought leader, mentor, producer and trainer?

  • You want to learn ins and outs of training and certifying people, leading high-level 5-figure masterminds and VIP retreats?

  • You want to start creating method-based online courses?

  • You are ready for your next level spiritual awakening?

What Our Members Say

IMPORTANT: If you’re struggling to make it in business right now then this call won’t be of help… but if you’re at the level where playing small is your biggest problem, then we should speak.

Powerful alone. Better together.

We are in business of making Teachers, not collecting students! 

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Do you want to be the next SUPERSTAR?


" You are one of those naturally spiritually gifted carrying your gift with such ease and grace. "

—  Michael Gelb

Founder & President

High Performance Learning

Working from Home

Because You're Meant to Make a Global Impact!

Featured Courses:

Marketing From The Heart

Deep Dive Authentic Sales

How to Create, Market and Sell 5-Figure Transformational Coaching Programs Course

Mindset to Empower - High End Inner Upgrade

Focus Year - Personal and Spiritual Growth

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