• 3X Your Fees

  • Make Consistent Sales

  • Attract Ideal Clients

  • Do It All With Integrity & Confidence

Did You Know That EMPATHS Could Be Phenomenal at Sales!

Let's Get You The Cash Flow You Deserve!

  • How would you like me to help you get clients and sell your transformational programs?
  • Are you looking for that last push, the BREAKTHROUGH you were asking, visualizing and praying for? 
  • Had you already accepted that without making sales all your business empire dreams will be left unrealized... and you will never make the IMPACT you were divinely guided to create?

So here it is... a million dollar question.

What does making MONEY mean for you...?


Is it about staying in business, doing what you love, living your PURPOSE.


Maybe, it's about proving it to yourself, your spouse, your parents, your friends and the world, that YOU CAN do it.


Maybe it's about investing into the next stage of your business, paid ads, technology, behind your 7-figure business empire? You are smart and understand you need that extra cash or you are doomed to never break that 6-figure ceiling...


I know EXACTLY how you feel.

Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!

  • You are truly talented and great at what you do... you are hugely underpricing your work?

  • You had enough of LEARNING and want to actually get return on all of your investments in your coaching or healing business?

  • You had worked hard for your success, but are now ready to let go of the False Identifications, like Martyr and Hero... you are ready to embrace your Alpha, your Highest Most Powerful Self?

  • You just need to get your CONFIDENCE back, you know in your heart how much you can do for people and how much abundance and wealth your deserve in return... NOW you are ready to RECEIVE?

If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, Then I


at Last, Focus on Making Some Consistent Cash!

So, Here Is What to Expect...

The Mastermind costs $997 per month to join.  This covers your Advanced Coaches and Healers Certification Bonus Program, bi-weekly live Implementation Calls and all the materials to use during the 12 months with me (more info on what you'll get below).

You must be 100% READY to:

Focus on sales, no distractions, no giving up, keeping yourself accountable and doing what needs to be done.

Ask questions, ask for feedback on your sales and marketing process and methods to dramatically IMPROVE your closing rate.

Learn, be coachable and lean into your CHALLENGE, do what you are most afraid of doing, to ACTUALLY succeed, instead of 'playing the game of business'.

"This is the best program and the BEST coach I ever invested in! I invested with other coaches, but it's on your program that I received everything I ever wanted and MORE!"

Faye Hurley, RTT Therapist

and a Trauma Recovery Coach

Then In Exchange For That $997 per Month Investment, You Get ALL Of This:



  • Monthly Step by Step Assignments, Trainings and Powerful Healing and Mindset Tools From Best Selling Author, International Speaker and Mentor Lira Kay - Your 30 Day Master Plan to Launch One of the 12 Portals of Wealth ($12,997 Value)

  • Bi-Weekly Live Zoom Q&A Call to ask me anything to help you develop your spiritual gifts, raise your fees, get premium clients and close your sales (Value 5,997)

  • Weekly Accountability Form ($2,997 Value)

  • Private FB Group with Advanced most current trainings for my high level clients, inspiring driven community of like-minded entrepreneurs (Priceless) 

  • Master Coach Kit (Templates, Contracts and Proposals) ($997 Value)

  • BONUS 1: Fast Cash Course ($1,997 Value)

  • BONUS 2: Authentic Sales Kit - Demos on How to Close $20K Sale in 30 min, Healing Traumas Audio,  Sales Practice Brain-Rewiring Meditation ($1,997 Value)

  • BONUS 3: Marketing with FB Livestreams, Videos and SM Posts, High End Copywriting Trainings ($1,997 Value)

  • BONUS 4: How to Create, Market and Sell 5-Figure Programs Online Course (Value $2,997)

  • Unsubscribe any time here.

Total Value Over $30,000


If you want to start making sales consistently, having 100% focus and accountability to be PROFITABLE, then this is the program for you...

You have 52 weeks, starting this week...


I Want Advanced Trainings, Live Q&A and Accountability, From Week 1 To the Week 52

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a way I can save money by paying in full?

Yes, on the Admissions Call I will personally tell you how to save $3,000 and get extra bonuses reserved for people who are ready to start the 12 Portals Of Wealth program immediately. 

  • How fast I can start making money and getting clients? How much would I expect to make in a year?

Many of my clients start selling the same day they get on the program. Some go from selling $100 sessions to selling a $10,000 program in just 3 days...

Some make in a first month with me what they've made in the entire previous year!


Will YOU do that?

I have no clue!!!

How good are you? How proactive you are? How determined you are to get results? 

There's NO MAGIC PILL or secret formulas to million dollars!

How much money you had made before, after all the trainings you had and investments you've made? What is your track record of success with any other coach or a mentor? Were they all bad and are to blame for your lack of clients and sales? Then, I don't think, you are a good fit for this program. 

You must be ready to do the work, no shortcuts... FOCUS and COURAGE to do what it takes. 

My style of coaching is direct, no BS, no fluff, no babysitting. I trust you being an ADULT, use your own brain and heart, and get results even if you had failed before.

I will teach you everything I know about marketing and sales,  money making mindset and energetics of success. What you do with what you RECEIVE is truly up to you.

  • What are the 12 PORTALS OF WEALTH?

These are the Monthly Deep-dive Training on building your transformational business like a true entrepreneur. 

Every month we focus on a specific 30 day strategy and implement it until completion. 

Perhaps, this is exactly the opposite of what you would learn in MBA, or do with any other 'business coach' or a marketing guru. 


We don't spend wast amounts of time on 'preparing to launch' whatever it means - figuring out client avatar or building a website - non of it actually brings you cash...


It's not about creating an extensive business plan, hire people, pay tons on the front end - marketing and sales teams... only to find out that your offers don't sell and you are in huge debt and stressed out about paying others to get your business moving.

Instead we FOCUS on the healthy revenue, the cash flow and all the ways we can create, optimize, automate and increase it, to make more money and save more of your time. 

We start with creating a steady stream of revenue based on :

1) Your Offer - service, program or product.

2) Your Marketing Portal - no, you don''t need any fancy software or ClickFunnels (unless you are scaling your business) to do that - just a clear path for your clients to find you online and become your clients and customers as soon as possible. Each Offer would have it's own funnel to bring in your clients. 

3) Mindset shifts you must create on order to implement - you aren't rich yet, not because you don't know enough about business strategies, but because you are standing in your own way and unable to receive wealth creatively.


So every Portal of Wealth comes with my stellar business strategies and cutting edge mindset and therapeutic tools, I personally developed after working in the field of healing for 30 years. 

  • What if I get stuck or overwhelmed with assignments and accountability?

You will get an email every Friday with your Accountability Form that helps me identify where you need help... is it your offers, or your marketing that doesn't convert, is it a matter of visibility, or is it your sales process, or is it your 'closing' skills... I can help you improve that.


I will personally answer your submitted question about the new strategy your learned during our Office Hours (Every other Tuesday from 9 am - 10 am (PST). Even if you can't show up for the live call I will answer your question, and you can watch a reply later.

You will see me answer other people's questions too. You will get recording of every call. I would expect a good steady progress every week, no matter where you start. 

My FB group is also an amazing resource for support, extra trainings on EVERYTHING, from money management and mindset, to marketing with your videos and livestreams and creating products and simple funnels. 

  • What is the criteria to succeed in this Mastermind? 

Great question!

Criteria to join my one year Be Phenomenal Sales Mastermind is simple: 

My clients are true high achievers. Superstars. Experts. Have a HUGE HEART and a burning DESIRE to help people. 

I am the same! I allow myself to get humble and real. Admit when I don't know what to do and listen to the guidance. Be a great client for my mentors.


This is the only way to succeed. Everything else is a big illusion. 

I'm pretty sure, you had enough of chasing magic formulas that promise you overnight success. You already know, they don't exists! 

  • Are you passionate about transformation, influence, and your coaching and healing business? 

  • Are you willing to grow up and get real with how BIG success, fame and money is actually made? 

  • Are you proactive? Are you coachable? 

  • Do you take full responsibility for your results?

If your answer is YES to all of these questions, welcome HOME! You'll fit right in!

  • What if I am a beginner, never had a coaching client? What if I don't know anything about marketing and sales?

I work with people with many certifications and modalities under their belt, some with PhDs and MBAs, big experts, influencers and leaders... They are hugely over-qualified and have years of practice doing the work... Even if they are new to coaching, they are phenomenal at what they do.


I'll teach you how to leverage your expertise with selling high-value high-end programs. No, you don't need to start from selling cheap and give away free sessions... You just need to know how to package your skills and talents and how to propose powerfully, without manipulation and tricks.


You must be willing to put yourself out there and be visible to your target audience. Are you ready to be discovered? 


  • What if I am so unique and special that nothing would work for me? What if I am shy or too proud and don't want to market my services and ask for money? What if I am afraid that nobody would pay me for my genius brilliance?

Ask yourself WHY do you want to make money? What is the pay off of overcoming your limitations? Is it worth it for you? 

Do you want to be RIGHT, or do you want to make your cash? 

Marketing and sales follow specific rules... energy, psychology, numbers and practice... everyone can learn this. Even you.

Everyone deserves to be paid for their work. Even you.

I will use my professional skills to help you solve your particular problem. 

Can I share a special spiritual insight with you?

Typically, we resist what we must master.


As an Old Soul you have your final life lesson to learn. Can business be your teacher, your spiritual path? Are you willing to LEAN INTO YOUR CHALLENGE, so you can accept all the benefits this imperfect human world has to offer?


Money follows progress and expansion. Ready to CREATE yours?!

  • How is this Empathic Sales Mastermind any different from all the other programs I've taken? 

- You won't do more learning or writing down your 'client avatars' or building websites, or signature systems until you make sales. Making money will become your priority on this program. 

- I don't encourage grandiosity or hype mentality, unless it steadily makes you money. (It probably doesn't... that's why you are still reading)... Instead, I will keep you accountable to making your financial goals come true, using practical sane adult approach to marketing and sales.

- I have 30 years of experience, working with highly sensitive, spiritual, intuitive empaths... I am one of those myself. I know exactly what's on the way of you becoming highly successful and profitable in your business. Helping people quit self-sabotage is my specialty. 

- I'm aware, how much work on yourself, healing and trainings you already done. I want to acknowledge and celebrate you waking your Path. I never teach basics. My trainings are advanced and help you to get results you never knew would be possible. 90% of my clients experience immediate shifts in energy and see tangible results in a matter of days. Make a decision to be in the 90% of those who succeed fast . Allow yourself to RECEIVE. 

Have a Question?

Contact me to start your journey to success. 


Here's what your 12 months would look like with

my​ personal feedback, support and accountability within an amazing group of passionate high-achieving coaches like yourself:



Every month you will receive a clear step-by-step instructions and trainings on how to make all of the progress and achievements happen - Your Master Plan for the next 30 days. 

Your job would be to implement all you learn and instructed to do. 


Your small tasks and assignments are easily implemented and don't require complicated technology or superhuman skills.


No need to invest in technology or paid traffic unless you are in the later stage of your business... then you'll get my help with that as well.

Until you do, we'll keep it super simple and organic. 

You will have weekly emails to keep you on track, reminding you of your next money making and progress-creating activities, keep you accountable and motivated to keep up the good work. 


What if you fall off the wagon and get distracted with life, relationships, mindset issues? 

What if you didn’t understand or got confused with how to move forward or implement your weekly tasks?

What if you are not sure whether what you are doing is right or wrong?

What is you got stuck in the analysis-paralysis phase and seem not to break through?


You will have me personally answering your questions within our popular Office Hours, and giving you feedback in an inspiring group of experts like yourself. 


You have a highly engaged facebook group with support and cheer-up from your peers.

You will have access to the recordings of all of the live sessions and trainings after they're done. 

Besides your Be Phenomenal group you will also have access to my Latest Online Courses on How to Create, Market and Sell your 5-Figure Transformational Programs and my Fast Cash Course to prepare you for a huge leap in self-image and identity.

Really, there’s no excuse to not be doing the work required for you to complete your program on time.  

Right now, ask yourself,

If Your Answer Is YES!

I Want You In!

Money and Business Mindset

Purpose and Alignment

Integrity and Higher Standards

Voice, Visibility and Soulmate Clients

Attraction and Magnetism

Boundaries and Generosity

Influence and Leadership 

Transformation and Playing Big

Authenticity and Mastery

Impact and Autonomy 

Creativity and Legacy

Identity and Spiritual Growth 

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High level of accountability via weekly updates and working with your accountability partners through the whole program. Highly engaged FB group for ongoing motivation and support.