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You and Your Mission-driven Business.

  • Launching phenomenal coaches and world-class healers.

  • Advanced one year program for ambitious coaches and experts who are ready to take their work to the high end status.

  • Develop powerful skillset to get outstanding results for your clients.​

  • Create irresistible offers, leading to your 5-figure transformational coaching programs, based on your authentic method.

  • Position yourself as a thought leader, author, producer, speaker and a celebrity. ​​

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  • Become a Founder, take ownership of your life's work and launch your own school, academy or foundation.

  • Give a new breath to your business and globalize your brand.

  • Start certifying people in your method. Become a trainer and a mentor, as well as a highly paid coach and consultant.

  • Create foundation for a 7-figure business that transforms lives and makes a global impact. ​

  • Optimize your delivery, client acquisition and sales process.

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  • For talented coaches and healers who want to create a 6-figure business working 2 hrs per day.

  • Laser focus on understanding transformational coaching business, high end marketing and sales.

  • Significantly raise your coaching fees and create irresistible offers that people want to buy.

  •  Market to get clients, stop working for 'likes'. 

  • Become a pro at closing sales at your new rate.

  • Heal yourself to serve and receive generously for your work.

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Spaces for this exclusive program are highly limited. Please send us your request via the Application Form bellow.

Investment for private coaching with Lira Kay begins at $45,000. Click the link to learn more and get on the waiting list.



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