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You and Your Mission-driven Business.

  • Advanced one year program for ambitious coaches and experts who are ready to take their work to the high end status.

  • Identify your gift and develop powerful skillset to get outstanding results for your clients.

  • Define your authentic method and dramatically increase the effectiveness of your work and become a confident expert with unshakable reputation.

  • Create 3 irresistible offers, your transformational coaching programs, sold from $1K to $50K, based on your authentic method.

  • Position yourself as a thought leader, author, producer, speaker and a celebrity. 

  • Automate client acquisition, uplevel your marketing, improve your brand, leverage social media. 

  • Launch your own school, academy or foundation. Start certifying people in your method. Become a trainer and a mentor, as well as a highly paid coach and consultant.

  • The truth is, there're not many mentors who can help you complete your life's work.

  • On this exclusive program you will have access to mentorship that changes the trajectory of your entire life. 

  • I understand what your high performance had cost you so far. 

  • We will FOCUS on YOU, your LIFE and your MISSION.

  • Heal deeply to manifest significant uplevel in your life, income, relationships and health.

  • Give a new breath to your business and globalize your brand.

  • Awaken your new spiritual consciousness and step into your higher purpose.

  • You will receive access to the Advanced Certification and my Be Phenomenal One Year Mastermind programs. 

  • Exclusive access to all of my new trainings and courses created within one year from the beginning of the coaching contract. 

  • For talented coaches and healers who want to create a 6-figure business working 2 hrs per day.

  • Stop the overwhelm of endlessly chasing clients and step into your powerful self. Start charging your worth and create a sustainable coaching business.

  • My best trainings, personal guidance and feedback throughout the year.

  • Set up organic marketing systems to bring you consistent flow of clients. Perfect your sales skills to sell your coaching programs.

  • Learn to influence and speak from stages and video. Become a published author.

  • Inspiring community and friends for life.

  • Dramatically improve your personal life, relationships and health.

  • Develop a strong mindset to exponentially succeed as an entrepreneur. 

EACH Online Course comes with a BONUS


Best Deal would be to JOIN my 12-month Mastermind or my Certification Program and receive these courses as part of your curriculum.

Or you can purchase courses separately and receive one month in my Mastermind as a BONUS. It still be a GREAT deal.


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