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"I have a miracle coach! Lira, you put me on major platforms... I could hardly imagine! I went from making $3,000 per year to making $10,000 in just 6 weeks!"

Candyce Pirtle-Smalls 

Success Coach, Author, Speaker

"Went from selling $100/hr to $10,000 Group programs. Launched my Academy and became an international speaker and author. Made my first $100K year! I am so grateful"

Dr Sofia Beloka 

Founder, High Performance Coach, Author, Speaker

During This Training You'll Learn...

  • How to identify which spiritual gifts you have and how to use them in your life, marriage, relationships and business!

  • Understand the value of your spiritual gifts, the soft skills, and how to package and sell them.

  • How to develop your spiritual gifts to do powerful transformational work and elevate your healing and coaching practice to the world-class and become on-demand, go-to expert, even when everybody else is struggling to sell coaching. 

Lira Kay


Impact and Income Strategist 

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