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Lira Kay Presents:

Why Empaths Could Be Phenomenal at Sales,

but Are Still Struggling to Make Money with Their GIFTS

Spiritual and Psychological Understand of Sales for Empathic People,
so You Can Ask and Get What You Deserve in Business & in Love. 

Would You Like ME personally to help you market and sell your coaching and healing at the MUCH HIGHER fees?

This 7 Day $1 Trial with all the EXCLUSIVE BONUSES Valued over $5,555 is ONLY available on this page!

"I have a miracle coach! Lira, you put me on major platforms... I could hardly imagine! I went from making $3,000 per year to making $10,000 in just 6 weeks!"

Candyce Pirtle-Smalls 

Success Coach, Author, Speaker

"Went from selling $100/hr to $10,000 Group programs. Launched my Academy and became an international speaker and author. Made my first $100K year! I am so grateful"

Dr Sofia Beloka 

Founder, High Performance Coach, Author, Speaker

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Lira Kay


Impact and Income Strategist 

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