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We Help YOU Unlock Your True Potential and Change The World

Launch and Grow Your Own

Academy, School or Certification

  • Unlock the true potential of your transformational business

  • Define your original methodology to leave a legacy

  • Uplevel your brand to match your vision and ambition


This Is For YOU!

You are an Old Soul and your destiny is to leave a legacy, transform yourself and change people's lives!


From hundreds of tactics and things to do - Initiate Into Your LIFE'S WORK.

Stop 'giving it a try'... Accept your Purpose with gratitude and commitment.

This is how you ever get to ... PLAY &

  • Build your own Oprah or Marie Forleo Network.

  •  Start your own Hay House or Mindvalley.

  • Have your own stage like Miss Lisa Nichols or Marianne, Brené, Teal or Arianna.

  •  Create your own Agape Center, UPW or 10X Conference.

  • Possibilities are ENDLESS! The IMPACT is REAL!

Do you truly KNOW your potential?

Are you ready to break through your limitations?  


This Is For YOU!

  •  You are ready for your next level of spiritual awakening - your've been divinely guided to step up.

  • You believe in miracle of your Path and your Purpose.

  • You are here, reading my words, and you know the meaning of it in your heart. 


  • It's time... for deeper work & stellar focus and strategy - we are looking at postdoc in transformation and buisness - principles that honor you as a human and a soul.

  • We take your deep impact, your personal wellbeing and your desire to create generational wealth seriously.


IMPORTANT: If you’re struggling to make it in business right now then this call won’t be of help… but if you’re at the level where playing small is your biggest problem, then we should speak.


" You are one of those naturally spiritually gifted carrying your gift with such ease and grace. "

—  Michael Gelb

Founder & President

High Performance Learning

Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 3.06.28 PM.png

"Lira is the “real-deal” when it comes to developing high performing entrepreneurs for their next level. She is authentic, wise, strategic, highly competent, and a true master of co-creation for leadership, with heart. I was inspired by her instantly in 2018 when we first met and when I witnessed her brilliance on stage as a keynote speaker at One Woman Fearless Summit. As a new paradigm leader for entrepreneurial success in the coaching space, her diverse background in psychotherapy, her wisdom are key to her signature value that continue to inspire me to work with her.

Lira offers deeply strategic guidance in business management with entrepreneurial and holistic spirituality and healing.


Like many entrepreneurs and business leaders in this global pandemic time, I struggled with how to pivot my own business with my renewed life approach for health reasons at a holistic level. Lira has been invaluable to me for her refreshingly compelling coaching strategies in business and life management.


In just a few months of working with her, I was able to stay on course with achieving goals for overall renewal and health in business and life: staying true to myself, continuing healing objectives, while being able to serve at a whole higher level.


I am deeply grateful for Lira’s part in my growth and success path and look forward to more of its brilliant outcomes!"


Maria R. Nebres

CEO and The Founder of  Factor Of, Transformative HR | Relational Bridge Guide for Leadership & Engagement Without Selling Short on What Matters Most, International Speaker and Bestselling Author

Lira Kay Testimonial

"Lira Kay is absolutely a phenomenal Life & Business Coach. Both her depth, consistency, engagement, killer psychotherapeutic and coaching skills and her talent to truly convey and transmit knowledge and savoir-faire are priceless. I love the fact that Lira has lived on all continents, speaks multiple languages, is a trained psychotherapist and on top raised 5 kids, created a strong and happy marriage and literally is living the life of her dreams She walks her talk, she knows her stuff like know other and is inspiring and transforming others wherever she goes. I highly highly recommend Lira! Thank you Lira for all that you are sharing, giving and teaching us!"


Alexandra Indaco-Heredia M.B.A.

UNESCO Open Frame Award for Representing Human Rights in Film. 

BERLINALE TALENT CAMPUS - Documentary Director's Talent Campus selectee. 

Dick Scherpenzeel Award for Excellence in Journalism of North-South Relations.

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  • Launch or grow your own academy, school or certification and stand out in the over-saturated market.

  • Position to sell 5-figure group masterminds and 6-figure VIP programs.

  • Create evergreen products and programs fast for sustainable profits and reoccurring income streams. 

Founders Lounge Gives You THE TOOLS and KNOWLEDGE You Need To Market, Sell and Deliver Your High End Transformational Masterminds and Products Online!

No obligations, no contracts before joining the Free Admissions Call!

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