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Master Coach Kit

Download Sample Coaching Contracts and Proposals

Your Access to:

  • 3 Coaching Agreement Samples
  • 2 Coaching Proposal Samples
  • Workbook with Notes from the Course
  • Private FB  with Community, Feedback and Q&A

Important Resources:

  • The Dark Side Of Being Cheap. Why Creating $100K Program With Liberate You.
    I am explaining EXACTLY what goes into PRICING your program. The hint: IT IS NOT ABOUT YOUR SELF WORTH! 
  • How to Sell Coaching. The Blessing and a Curse Of “The Soft Skills” 
  • Marketing From The Heart. How To Create Clients Online.
    How to become a powerful influencer: bond, lead and be clear about your value. So how and why many coaches get it wrong. Great insight into empaths and desire to save and fix people
  • How to Get Your Spouse to Invest in Your Business. And why he feels so resistant when you tell him about another coaching program you bought into. Turn this around by doing what I teach in this video. Warning: I am being brutally honest and transparent about my investments, losses and gains. 

Position Yourself as a Coach, Healer or Consultant Charging Premium Fees for the Expert Work You Can 100% Guarantee - JOIN OUR BESTSELLING ADVANCED CERTIFICATION PROGRAM

Advanced Healers.png
Advanced Healers Screen.png

You Get:

  • 3 Month Live Certification Training in a Group of Selected Experts (10 people max)
  • Online Curriculum (Video Lessons, Coaching Demos, Extra Sessions and Tools)
  • Workbooks and Exercises
  • Tool Kit to Start Your Coaching Business (Contracts, Proposals)
  • Private FB  with Community, Feedback and Q&A

BONUSES Include 4 Online Courses

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Align Your Purpose Screen.png
Marketing From The Heart Screen.png
Deep Dive Screen.png

Contact me to start your journey to success. 

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