Advanced Coaches & Healers Certification


  • To raise your fees to sell 5-figure or 6-figure coaching programs 

  • Create fast phenomenal results for yourself and your clients

  • Never doubt your worth and value as an expert

  • Certify online in 2 or 12 months

  • Receive fabulous BONUSES

Do Your Soul's Work!

Changing Lives,

Living Your Purpose,

On Your Terms


Join other mission-driven entrepreneurs who are actively studying with School Of Inspired Life to get their programs and their message out to the world!

Your best chance to make it in coaching business!

Watch this training on how to start charging over $1K/hr for coaching or healing. I did this presentation when I first launched my Certification. Now my students had launched their own academies, schools and foundations, selling 5-figure group masterminds, and even $100,000 VIP coaching programs. Bellow you'll find their amazing testimonials inspire you to join and celebrate your own success story with us!

Who Is This Program For...?

How to Join Our Bestselling Program for Experts Advancing Their Coaching Skills and Growing Their Business Online?

Seriously! How do you chose the best coaching certification program online without waisting your money, time and effort, only to join the pool of struggling coaches out there!??? 

How would YOU succeed?

Track Record of Phenomenal Results

  • Yes, our students are known for phenomenal outstanding results they create for their clients. Something they can charge substantial fees for. 

  • I've been in the industry for 30 years, as a spiritual teacher, healer, psychotherapist, speaker and trainer of coaches and healers around the globe - I know how to actually succeed as a highly paid healer and a coach.

  • After teaching thousands of people how to heal themselves, heal and help others transform and succeed rapidly in their relationships, health, career and business - I can assure you, quality of your programs, outstanding skillset, authentic style and personal brand is what's going to separate you from the average wanna-be coach online. 

  • The estimated market size of the Coaching Industry is $15 billion in 2019 with a total of $7.5 billion worth market value in the US alone, yet most coaches barely make $30K/year. Do you want to be the 1% that actually get to 6-7-figures and are known for their reputation?

  • Learn and certify online with myself as your highly skilled mentor. I will personally support you through the online certification and help you create an outstanding program for your clients, you can charge $4,000-$20,000-$50K-$100K for. 90% of my clients start selling high end programs within weeks on my certification. Watch their testimonials bellow. 

Receive extra BONUSES:

  • 90-Days to Love - Healing & Personal Growth Program for High Level Entrepreneurs (Value $4,000)

  • Fast Cash Course - Practical Approach to Making Money in Your Coaching & Consulting Business (Value $2,000)

Paid In Full BONUSES:

  • 1 months in my Founders Lounge Group Mastermind (Value $2,000)

  • How to Create, Market and Sell 5-Figure Coaching Transformational Coaching Programs Course (Value $2,000)




Certify as a coach and start your own coaching or consulting business, or as a side gig, or to replace your 9 to 5, or add to your resume.


Do what you love, change lives, live your soulful purpose. Now more than ever our world needs healers, teachers and coaches. Be the guiding light, a mentor everybody wants!




It's not easy to succeed in any business. Coaching is no exception. Position yourself to win in this competitive market with outstanding skills and reputation, that would typically take years to develop.

This Is For You If You Are:

  • An expert in your field and want to add coaching to your practice.

  • Have a successful business or career and want to mentor professionals entering or advancing in your filed.

  • An author and speaker ready to make money with selling high end coaching programs and online courses.

  • ​A therapist who wants to sell coaching and advanced transformational programs online, working with international highly motivated clients or organizations.

  • A true Giver and a Student of Life, who's purpose is to heal and grow others, as well as yourself. 

  • Have a life experience and are driven to support people in their life journey, motivating them for high achievement and success in all or one of these areas of life: health, love, business, career or spiritual and personal growth.

  • Already certified as a coach or in any healing modality, but want to rapidly advance your results as a coach and entrepreneur. 

How Does it Work?

  • Apply for an Admission Call to discuss your skillset and potential to become a highly paid coach and successful entrepreneur. Choose a payment plan and book a 30 min Orientation Call. 

  • Join the program and receive your Certification Program online with trainings, demos and tools.

  • Schedule your 2 X 90 min private VIP sessions with me to advance your skillset, create irresistible programs and offers for your clients, create a 2 -year marketing and branding plan and get me personally train you in high ticket sales. 

  • Receive all of your bonuses.

  • If you paid in full join our bi-weekly mastermind where you can practice and grow your business with an inspiring group of coaches, healers and leading experts and entrepreneurs. 

Accelerate Your Success!


Not Sure You Are Ready To Start Our Advanced Certification?

Answer questions on the right and asses whether you are a great fit to join our program and accelerate your personal, professional and financial growth with us. 

If you answered YES to all of them, book your Admissions Call with Lira and meet our superstar clients, making miracles happen behind the scenes of their transformational business empires.

"Business is a Spiritual Path, as it makes you heal and grow yourself, and allows you to make a huge impact as a result."

Lira Kay






Which Of These Best Describes You?

I've been doing my work for years and am a true self-made woman with great track record of success in my personal, professional and business life. I take 100% personal responsibility for my results.

I am a natural leader and create a ripple effect wherever I go. I've been always promoted and recognized for my contribution to the well being of others. My gift of transforming lives is obvious. 

I had done plenty of mindset and healing work, manifested my own abundance and have genuine life-wisdom to share. I don't buy into get rich quick schemes, and have confidence in my abilities to learn and implement stellar result-oriented strategies, until I get it right. 

I am determined to do transformational work... and would do my work even if I didn't get paid. I am born to make a huge impact, I feel the calling, and will not compromise living my purpose, no matter what. I'm not a quitter. 

I understand that I won't get to 10X my MPACT and INCOME with a bunch of online courses and another money mindset or a business diva manifesting coach out there, and I am ready to invest premium in me rapidly advancing myself and my business. 


Watch My Graduates:

In Less Than 10 Minutes, You Can Grasp HOW Founders Lounge Students Can Achieve So Much & So Fast...

"This is truly the BEST program I have ever invested in!"


Faye Hurley - Self Worth & Success Mindset Expert

Need To Know MORE About What Advanced Certification Can Do For You?

Click Below To See More Detailed Information About These Powerful Features Inside Of Your Program:

My personal laser coaching in the exclusive group of highly-motivated women leaders - Bi-weekly Live Mastermind and One-on-One Private VIP Sessions with Lira Kay - experience high level coaching first hand. 

Practice your high-performance coaching skills to dramatically increase your success rate.

My premier private community for on-going support and celebration with extra feedback and trainings - network and get support from exclusive group of highly motivated experts.

Join any of the ongoing money making and client attraction challenges.

Access my demos for high end sales, marketing online and PR, product launches and speaking engagements.  

Online curriculum with proven psychotherapeutic tools and cutting edge coaching methods to take your clients beyond positive thinking and affirmations - to understand the deeper consequences of trauma of abuse and abandonment and learn to release it. Heal yourself so you can serve from your highest potential.

Never question your value and worth as a coach ever again.

Powerful mindset and healing tools to build up your confidence as a coach, healer and successful business owner with a balanced personal life.

Skyrocket your self-worth and breakthrough your income ceiling.

Use our advanced methods and tools to create phenomenal results for your clients.

Take Advantage of These Phenomenal Bonus Programs

Heal and Grow Yourself, Make Money & Live Your Dream

Can You See Why So Many Women Just Like You Are

Growing Their Coaching Business

with Our Advanced Certification?

Sold her first $10K coaching program in 4 weeks, signed a major book deal, spoke on TEDx, founded a life-changing movement and a powerful influencial brand.

Went from no sales (invested over $20K with other coaches) to doubling her income every week and selling coaching at $888/hr in 4 weeks on the program.

Lira Kay teaching hundreds of women experts how to charge over $1K/hr, be unapologetically yourself and live your life purpose at all times. 

Went from $100/hr personal trainer to selling a $100,000 Coaching Program, published a book, spoke on global stages and launched her own academy with Lira.

Made triple of what other coaches in her gym made and created a largely influential brand with Lira's Aquarian Marketing model. 

Published a book, became international speaker, launched her own foundation and became a inspiring leader in her community.

Went from selling $100/hr energy healing to selling a $10,000 Certification Program first week into Lira's program. In the next 3 weeks made her entire previous year income.

10 X her fees for hypnosis sessions. Launched her own academy, became a leading business coach in her area. Made her entire previous year income in just 2 months with Lira.

Learned the essentials of self-worth and pricing your work to build a legacy and make a massive impact in the world. Added coaching to his expertise as a senior engineer and tech team leader.

**Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying clients of School Of Inspired Life programs. Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business model, and market forces beyond our control. Please note that Founders Lounge is not a business opportunity. Founders Lounge is a professional training program that helps coaching businesses position and sell their products and services online. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims, and you may not make your money back.**

Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

What happens after I booked an Admission Call with Lira?

You will receive an invitation to join a live Zoom Call with Lira as you schedule your call in our calendar. You'll get a zoom link and a PowerStarter Kit to prep you for the interview.  

How do I qualify to join Advanced Coaches and Healers Certification?

You must be good at what you do, love helping people, be coachable and be determined to build your own coaching practice. You are serious about joining one of the programs and have finances to invest. 

What will happen on the Admission Call?

Lira personally will speak with you about your life and business goals for the next 12 months. Discuss your skillset and potential to become a highly paid coach, healer or business and marketing consultant.

If you are a great fit, She'll make you an invitation to join. If not, she'll pinpoint you to the right direction suitable for your phase in business.

How much is the Advanced Certification Program?

Fees are $2,000/month installments for a 12-month Founders Lounge Program or you can join a 2-month VIP Private Program. Please have your finances ready before booking your Admission Call. 

How much do I have to be ready to invest if I am a great fit for the program and received an invitation to join?

You can pay in full and get access to your program and all of your BONUSES immediately or make your first installment of $2,000. 

What happens after I paid and joined the program?


1) You will sign a contract. Pay your invoice. Then we will schedule your 30 min Orientation Session with Lira, where we will go over the program, book your private VIP sessions and get you set for a huge success in your coaching business. 

2) You will get access to your Advanced Certification Trainings and Workbooks online and begin your program. Every module comes with clear instructions on how to study, practice and send in your complete assignments.

3) You will join our private FB group to meet other students and start networking and practicing your new skills. You can join any ongoing challenges ($100K in 100 Days Challenge, 90 Days to Fame or Launch a Product Month) and watch any extra trainings on marketing and sales for high end coaches and healers.

How do I know if I will succeed on this program?

Watch testimonials above and see if you are similar to our students. Are you as motivated and determined to build your dream coaching business and do what it takes?


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