Now or Never. How to Get What Your Want, Every Time You Say I Wish

Learn and implement clear steps to getting what you want in life. Effective mindset and healing tools to become successful without procrastination and sabotage. 

Ditch the Law of Attraction and instead of faking a 'positive' mindset, become genuinely healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally to make your dreams come true.

I Belong. The Journey from Lost to Found

Start your own spiritual and personal growth journey by understanding how to live authentically, communicate your value and express your gifts if you are an empath and never felt like fitting in.

Many sensitive people feel inadequate in a fast-paced society and give up on being themselves in order to fit in or avoid criticism. This book shows you how to come back to yourself and become a leader in your community, sharing your special gifts with the world. 

Release 20 Pounds of Pain. Practical Tools to Quit Addictions and Create the Body to Fit Your Dreams

Learn a highly effective process to address your past emotional wounds and traumas to stop numbing yourself with work, food, drugs or alcohol.


Release your emotional pain one by one using 15 min per day therapeutic process and start living a life of purpose and commitment. 


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