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Lira Kay

This program takes you on a step by step journey, using Lira Kay’s powerful framework for teaching, coaching you through the whole 4 stages of transformation, so you too can walk your Special and Unique Path and live a truly abundant and inspired life. This framework is so powerful in delivering amazing results that it quickly reached the highest ever customer rating for a product on School of Inspired Life with raving case studies and testimonials.


Ideas presented in this program got Lira on the top of the mind for hundreds purpose-driven professionals. It continues creating a massive ripple effect among families, social circles and communities of the individuals who completed the program. And these ideas have allowed Lira, against all odds, to turn her life around, enjoy professional and personal success and recognition, enabled Lira to teach and heal and be the special guide for everyone who comes to her seeking knowledge and encouragement  to live a fulfilling and joyful life. 

It’s a classic case of actively and joyfully living the Inspired Path.


HOWEVER, many people believe that it's not possible for them to access a mystical power to walk their Special Path in this lifetime, to recognize the voice of divine, be guided and supported in everything they do.


Lira has been investigating the concept of Manifesting and being the Master of Your Path, for over 20 years, beginning way before "The Secret" came along, studying history’s most extraordinary individuals and experimenting with many forms of consciousness expansion, practicing and getting phenomenal results using mind  and intuition training tools. And with her analytical mind, she believes she’s structured the system to be so simple that anyone can now apply this framework to their life and see results.

This goes way beyond Law of Attraction or the “Thoughts Create Reality” paradigm. This program is for a professional who is ready to be wide open to the depth of who they are, healing the most forgotten and hidden fears and self-sabotaging patterns, be expressed fully and unapologetically. This is a program for the one who is called to stand in their power for the good of all. 


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