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a seasoned therapist or a transformational business coach dabbling in making big money, fed up with the industry and craving to work at the edge of your limitations

your sense
of purpose

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What's in the workshop:

  • This psychodynamic journey with your 14-year-old self will shed the light onto the deeper reasons behind reaching your plateau.

  • We’ll touch on generational PTSD, poverty vows and tulpa integration, as well as learn to unleash the explosive energy behind your midlife crisis, spiritual awakening and transformation.

  • Click to access the entire workshop and a Bonus Invitation (The Last Piece of the Puzzle) to break through your glass ceiling and claim the future that belongs to YOU. 

If any of it aren’t urgent and doesn’t mean much for your daily life… don’t click. 

If you are not an investor... don't click.

If you had never dug yourself out of your own personal rock-bottom... just don't...


"I'm in orgasmic state!!!! I closed my first $100,000 client!!!


I was inspired by Lira's international presence, her multicultural and multilingual background and this is what you become when working with her. I am now on global platforms that I could not even dare to act on, but they were in my dreams...until I met Lira. Due to subconscious blocks I could not honor my own greatness though everyone could see it in me, Lira guided me to accept it myself. I tuned in with Lira immediately because she could speak, coach, guide and connect with my needs and blocks within the first minutes speaking with me. Her guidance has the Lira effect - radical, deep, effective. "


Sofia Beloka PhD

CEO and The Founder of  Global Influencers Academy, Author, International Speaker, Elite Performance Coach

"Lira is amazing. She is the perfect mentor for brilliant, successful coaches, leaders, healers ready to take their work to the next level. Stop wasting your money on funnels and formulas, Lira is the real deal."


Michelle Peticolas PhD

CEO and The Founder of The Second Chances Life Makeover Certification, Award-winning Filmmaker, International Speaker, Author, Artist, 

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"I have a miracle coach! We are on the third session and magical things started happening in my life! You had put me on major platforms... I could hardly imagine!!!"


Candyce Pirtle-Smalls

CEO and The Founder of  Fit in Her Kitchen, Author, Speaker, Philanthropist and a Founder of the Butterfly Effect. 

"Joined Lira's mastermind and in 3 days sold my own 4-month certification package for $10K... that is after selling healing sessions for $100/hr for years. Made my entire year income from the previous year in just 3 weeks of working with Lira. My crystal business grew to $30K/month."


Linda Bolinger

CEO and The Founder of  Linda Bolinger Energy Healing School and Moonbox Community Membership, Entrepreneur, Healer, Mentor, Trainer

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"You are one of those naturally spiritually gifted carrying your gift with such ease and grace"


Michael Gelb

Author "How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci", Founder and President of The High Performance Learning Center, International Speaker


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