Lira Kay Presents:

Sacred Path From 6 To 7

& Create a Solid Foundation For Your

7 Figure Transformational Business Empire 


"I have a miracle coach! Lira, you put me on major platforms... I could hardly imagine!"
Published a book, became a major influencer and celebrity speaker.

Candyce Pirtle-Smalls 

Success Coach, Author, Speaker

"Went from selling $100/hr to $10,000 Group programs. Private Fees $30K. Launched my Academy and became an international speaker and author and award-winning entrepreneur. I am so grateful!"

Dr Sofia Beloka 

Founder, High Performance Coach, Author, Speaker

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  • How to restructure your programs for maximum effectiveness and optimized delivery.

  • Position yourself to dominate your industry.

  • Tech behind the 7-figure revenues. 

  • Receive a Playbook to implement the most lucrative business model for ambitious transformational coaches and healers, set to change this world for better on their own terms.

Lira Kay


Impact and Income Strategist 


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