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111 Healers Project - Share Your Gifts To Heal The World!

Join the 111 Healers Project to impact 100 people in your life.

Serve so you can heal and

heal so your can serve!

This is a non-profit project:  serve and give unconditionally and make the biggest difference. Sign up here! 

How Does It Work?


As you heal yourself you automatically change lives of people around you, most likely your family and closest friends, 10 people. If you start sharing your path to healing and become a professional healer or a coach, you will potentially affect another 100 people. You will be creating a ripple effect, and thousands of people will be affected, because of YOU and you willingness to share your gifts with the world! 



Dr Michelle Peticolas, Linda Bolinger, Lisa Shook, Dr Sofia Beloka and Emma Tynan

all members of the FOUNDERS LOUNGE

here in our School Of Inspired Life.



Lira Kay & School Of Inspired Life

 presents modern day healers and light workers

on the mission to heal and elevate humanity

Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 6.01.32 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 3.10.16 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 12.25.35


Stressless Prosperity


Life Makeover


Vibrational Marketing


High Performance Triad


Energy Healing




Presenting Members of the Founders Lounge @School Of Inspired Life with Lira Kay, world-class healers and coaches to help you heal yourself and achieve happiness, love and success in your life and business.
Dr Michelle PeticolasLisa ShookLinda Michelle, Dr Sofia Beloka, and Emma Tynan 

Please reach out to the expert you feel a deep connection with and start your own healing and success journey with the help of a true professional and an expert in their field. 

Methods we discussed help people with

- recovering after loss of the significant other and starting again with a complete life makeover;
- deep emotional healing to create loving connections with people around you;
- healing addictions and creating your stressless prosperity;
- going for a Gold Medal, mentorship for high performers and influencers;
- speaking your truth and making a global impact with your soul message.

If you want to join our SCHOOL OF INSPIRED LIFE and become a member of the Founders Lounge and 111 HEALERS PROJECT learn more here:

Powerful Healers Wanted!

Join 111 Healers Project to be a part of the movement to heal the world!

On the month of May all of us will join forces to share our healing gifts with communities local and global.

We will spread the light and elevate people's body mind and spirit.

As part of this movement you will have 3 complimentary live calls with me to help you: 


  • Facilitate the healing session as part of the 111 Healers project;

  • Get visible to your audience and affect at least 100 people in your community;

  • Leverage your exposure and create a loyal following and possibility of serving many grateful clients.

You will also RECEIVE extra complimentary trainings on marketing and sales designed specifically for expert coaches and talented healers who want to take their work and business to the next level. 

Click the link to sign up today!


Spaces are strictly limited to 100 participants. Click here to get on the waiting list to join us next year.

Painted Heart
Get on our list of Powerful Healers and Coaches so we can help you reach your local and global audience through high level high impact service.

You will get: 

  • a Welcome Kit to help you facilitate healing in May with the maximum impact and create a ripple effect;

  • a Complimentary Training Series on how to become highly visible to your audience and affect at least 100 people through out the project;

  • information about 3 Live Calls to help you leverage your exposure for better business and getting clients.

Note: spaces are limited to 100 Healers per year to join the project, so sign up now to join us this year! 

Join if you have a mission to heal the world!

After doing my work for over 30 years, healing thousands of people around the world, facilitating workshops, speaking to audiences of hundreds of thousands of people, working one on one and training most amazing healers and coaches who joined my Advanced Coaches and Healers Certification, I learned a thing or two :)

Number One: you must heal yourself in order to serve at your highest!

Lack of courage and confidence can really block you from making a huge impact and living your purpose.


Courage comes with having great role models in your life, somebody to EN-COURAGE you on your PATH.

And confidence comes with experience. 111 Healers Project does exactly that:

Unites you with other powerful healers, provides you phenomenal support and high level mentorship,


Gives you an opportunity to serve people and reap the benefits of your good work.

Why reaping benefits matter?

Well, I know from my personal experience what it looks like to be a Martyr. 

I would never wish you to be the Giver who is struggling with sustaining their healing practice, because they have to support themselves and their families. 

Unfortunately, most Natural Innate Healers with amazing gifts stay unrealized, or play a very small game in the world, simply, because they don't know how the business and marketing works.

My mentorship will help you undseritnd how to serve better and start RECEIVING for your work.

Because, let's face it, if you don't take care of yourself, you will NOT affect as many people as you want and  meant to affect. 

This world NEEDS you! 

Your gift is important!

Your contribution is invaluable!

So let's get your courage and confidence through the roof, so you can heal the world at the much higher capacity! 

Click to join the 111 Healers Project today! 



" You are one of those naturally spiritually gifted carrying your gift with such ease and grace. "

—  Michael Gelb

Founder & President

High Performance Learning

IMPORTANT: This is a non-profit community project, meant to serve people in our world-wide communities by educating them about YOUR HEALING METHOD, MODALITY OR PROCESS.


As a founder of School Of Inspired Life and an organizer of the 111 Healers Project I reserve rights to select holistic healers, wellness professional, energy healers, coaches, therapists or any other alternative and traditional health practitioners.  

Join ONLY if you are ready to share your gifts with the world, have a message that heals and are not looking for instant gratification. I believe great business happens because of the amazing value you provide. This is an opportunity to combine our efforts and spread the good message to the masses. On the Live Calls I will do my very best to share the best strategies to leverage your contribution and exponentially grow your healing or coaching practice this year. 

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